Just Another Day

Sitting in near darkness, around midnight.  The sounds of Chopin wafting in through my speakers, the apartment smells of the dinner I made myself a few hours previous.

I am tired, in need of rest.


Viddy of the day: Frederic Chopin – Prelude in E-minor (op.28 no.4)


I’ve had a long day, but a productive one.  My wife went to her parents house for her fathers birthday, and I escorted her up to port authority bus terminal so she could get her bus up to Boston to visit them.  I woke up several hours before she had to leave to make certain she got out on time, and made the commute up to that point as easy for her as possible.

On the way up there I got a call and a text from a guy I had been working with from early July to the beginning of August.  He says he needs me to assist in the breakdown and consolidation of their showroom to eventually be packed and moved to Bethpage, Long Island.  I said yes, but told him Tuesday was off limits, which it is, I have a prior commitment that day.  Not a problem, seeing as I will still only be a temp, and a part timer if my previous stint is any indication, meaning I’d only get 4 days a week anyway, so that’s no big deal.

I worked a few hours helping out an aunt of mine doing a few things.  Best part of it was I spoke to her while I was coming home from dropping my wife off at Penn Station, and she got to my apartment pretty much as I got there.  Talk about timing.  But there being nothing pressing going on, I just tossed my mail and the umbrella in the house and headed out.  The work was harder than I had thought it would be, and took longer than I thought it was going to.  I won’t say what that work was, but it was fairly well hefty work,  tell ya that much.  Much happy sweat work.

After the short walk home from there, I managed to get a run in before the seemingly daily severe thunder and lightning storms rolled through the area.   Just barely, the first major lightning strike hit about 30 seconds before the end of my run.  Twas impressive, I was WOOOOOHOOOOOing over it, winded as I was.  Didn’t matter, no one heard me WOOOOHOOOOOOOing, as the thunder was almost as loud as Motorhead.  Almost.

Got my wife to her destination, or as close as I could get her to it, got work, for how long I dunno, but more time working is better than less, helped out, just helped out, it’s the right thing to do, got my run in.  A complete day, can’t ask for more.

Life is good. Time to sleep, methinks.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.



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