Ahead Of The Wheel

Starbucks CEO wants to save America.  He wants American business to Boycott donations to Washington until they come up with a good plan to curb the deficit.

I can think of one way to save America (a few bucks at least).

Stop buying shitty coffee from this second-rate coffee-house.  Take the time to learn to make your own, and bring it with you, America.  Stop wasting your money on crappy tasting coffee when you can make your own, and it’ll be better, and you’ll save money.

Now, I gotta tell ya, I don’t have a problem with this happy millionaire telling other rich people to keep their money in their pockets.  They do it with the unemployment crisis this nation is dealing with right now, this can only help America if these rich bitches leave us alone in this manner.  The best way they could leave us alone is by taking themselves out of the process by not buying influence in Washington.

If CEO’s actually listened to this fine gentleman, America would be a much improved country for it.  Think of it.  NO corporate influence in Washington.  That could really turn America into a much better country.


Mister President, please don’t ever take a vacation.  All it does it brings assholes out of the woodwork who think you are shirking your

Prezbot is displeased

responsibilities, or say things like “How could he take a vacation at a time like this?… no matter what is going on in the world.  It’s your fault (no matter what is going on) and you should never have a moment to yourself to collect yourself after dealing with life in the 24 hour a day crisis cycle that is 21st century life in America, land of the free, home of drama queens.

Hell, I’d go one step further.  Mister President, you should never go to sleep, never rest.  After all you are the presiding officer of the largest corporation on earth, aka America.  Sleep is not an option.  Never mind that you are a human being, never mind that you are working one of the hardest jobs on earth, you should not get a break while any American is suffering.  Ever.

You’d think that that is what people actually think reading some news about the fact that the President is going on vacation.  Apparently the President’s critics want him to be Prezbot.

Prezbot… lulz.

43 took 3 times the amount of days this President has, Reagan took almost twice as many, and he shouldn’t get Vaycay.  Please.

If he don’t get vaycay, neither should you, you lazy f*** bastards.

‘Nuff said.


Viddy of the day:  Rush “Far Cry” FULL VIDEO (PREMIERE)

“One day I feel I’m ahead of the Wheel, and the next it’s rolling over me.  I can get back on… I can get back on…”


One final thing.  A personal note really.

Fuck facebook. I’ll stay there because my wife and family are there.  Without them I have no reason to go there.  Plus, prezbot says GOOGLE+ ROCKS.



That’s about it from here, America.  G’night.


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