Early Afternoon Job Talk

I’ve only sent out a fairly small number of resumes over the last few days,  maybe half a dozen or so, less than what I was sending out before.  It isn’t because I have decided to be a slouch and not work as hard at getting a job, or because I have given up hope, or because I somehow now have less of a need to find work now then I did before.  I am looking for employment as much as I did before in as many places as I can look.  The reason is that there simply seems to be less out there at this point.

Seems like I picked the worst possible time to not have a job, in the middle of a friggin recession.  Nice.

At first glance there didn’t seem to be much in the way of anything out there for me in the job market today. Which meant it was time for a more in-depth second look.

I’m looking for either laborer work, construction, property handler work, stuff like that.

Hundreds of jobs under the very general search term “art”, art handler had only 3, and none that were actual art handler positions. Under art we have… Food service manager, buyer of children’s art supplies. Need a 4 year degree, which I don’t have{dammit} for that. Ya need a 4 year degree to buy crayola zarking crayons now.  Now isn’t that just jim F****** dandy.  Copy-writer. District manager, with at least 7 years experience, several volunteer spots, no pay…

Perhaps the problem is that damn search term is too vague. everything with the word art in it shows up, obviously, though I didn’t see the word art anywhere in the district manager job. Hmmm…. I’m a grunt, let’s look up construction laborer.

2 spots. 2, and one of them is for director of engineering. The other is for CDL training. I’d need a drivers license first, and I don’t have one. Dammit.

Widen that search a bit, perhaps. Construction.

201 hits in the New York City area. Nothing I can do though. I don’t have the degree necessary for most of what they are offering, and I don’t know a damn thing about marketing, or being a zarking risk manager. The best bit? Top ranked job, #1 on their list of construction jobs is called construction manager but is actually regional manager of a chain restaurant.

Joy. I’ll nail down the search term thing eventually. It’s taking too zarking long for my liking though.


I read a story on jobs, titled the jobless future by Jeff Jarvis.  Fascinating read.  I do not entirely agree with what he has to say, but he begins on the right note, though he ends on very much the wrong one.   Starts out strong, saying very generally that the future will be(and our present is) a jobless one that is negatively affected by efficiency within corporations and industries.  He cites the newspaper industry and retail outlets.

I do not think he is quite right when he states that the news itself will be far more efficient thanks to the internet.  Faster, yes.  More ubiquitous?  Ayep.  Efficient? Not really. Faster does not mean more efficient, it means faster.  The news itself will be more biased, more personalized in a negative way, making it less news and more a bad conglomeration of news and entertainment. We see it now with the sites like World News Daily, the Drudge report, Daily Kos, etc, etc, etc.

That is not news.  It’s propaganda.

Think 10,000,000 Glenn Beck’s. Polititainment rather than Political news, Newsiness rather than actual news, more babble, less sense, where every opinion will have equal weight, which is crazy.  Some people are much more informed than others.

Do we really want that to be the future of news?  Is that really efficiency?

Didn’t think so.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

He says we should invest in entrepreneurs that will create jobs.  And states that they will create fewer jobs, but greater wealth ( I think I read that right, if I didn’t Jeff, I apologize.)  He says don’t fill potholes, or rather don’t think it’ll fix the economy. I don’t think many people think that will fix the economy.  What filling potholes and the like will do is get people to work, which is what we need, while fixing this nations collapsing infrastructure, which we also need.

Or should we wait for these entrepreneurs to show up, until… i dunno… we starve?

For one, get me a shovel, some asphalt and I’ll start fixing the damn potholes.  Someone has to, the work needs to be done, and there are tons of them, and jobs similar enough to pothole filling that need to be done that it will do much to help fix(but not fully solve) the underlying job issues for years to come.

Writers writing can’t fix our employment problem, hands and tools and men and women across this nation fixing what is broken can, and that, more than any dim idea like “entrepreneurial investment” will help rebuild this nation.  This economy is better served by hard-working men and women fixing what is actually wrong with the nation than people with large ideas and no grasp on what really needs to be done.

Nice try though, Jeff.  Keep plugging away, yer a smart guy, you’ll find a real working answer someday.  Just not today.

Jobs, first, last, and always.

The people need jobs, the entrepreneurs can’t create the jobs when business won’t put money out there to innovate.  And they won’t.  They’re efficient, remember?  They have what they need.  They won’t invest in your increasingly hypothetical entrepreneurs when they are sitting on their wealth, and no force on earth can entice investors to give up loot for just any entrepreneur when they are making money hand over fist without them.

Time to get back to the job hunt.  Wish me luck.


That’s it from here, America.


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