I Trust

I trust my wife.

I trust the world to be crazy in unexpected ways.

I trust things will get worse before they get better.

I trust that the pins and needles I get in my thumb and 3 of my fingers in my left hand when I run is from something I did to myself when I woke up in an odd position a few weeks ago.  Thanks to the cat for that, BTW.

I trust the pain in my back is not from running long and hard all year, but from sitting here, writing and sending resumes.

I trust Democrats more than I do Republicans, even though more and more they resemble each other in ways they did not a scant 20 years ago.

I trust that I will get a job soon, even if the economy is in the shitter.

I trust that technology will get smaller, faster, more expensive, and more annoyingly similar in nature.

I trust you understand that I think that the above statement is entirely negative.  Sometimes small is too small, and if it is a nanosecond slower, so zarking what? Make it less expensive with a screen that is large enough to read content on, dammit!

I trust the tea party not at all, unwitting pro-oligarchic fascists that they are.

I trust paranoid people to be paranoid, crazy people to be crazy, and politicians to be crafty.

I trust that Rick Perry will be the nutjob I know him to be, all the way to his getting the nomination of his party for President.

I trust that conservatives will disagree with my assessment that Perry is a nutjob.

I trust that the lockout at Sotheby’s will be over before the sales season begins in September.

I trust that you understand that the second that lockout ends I will be sending a resume there, in hopes of getting a permanent job there.

I trust that the cats will stop attacking each other 2 seconds after I get my lazy ass out of the chair I’m sitting on right now.

I trust you understand that I am tired, and that if I had something better to write, I would have written it.

I trust you to turn off your computer when you are done with it. Go!  Get out!   Enjoy a few minutes of actual sunlight(or moonlight, depending) and non air-conditioned air before you die!


That’s it from here, America.  G’night!


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