Some More Late Night Idle Talk

I like to think I have a proper perspective on the world and most things on it.  Doesn’t mean I am correct.  I act sometimes as if the things that happen here are of such great import that they are deserving of my voice, my heart and mind’s full attention.

Jobs are important, and I need one to make it here, one of millions in this nation alone in that boat.  Jobs make it possible to exist in relative comfort while we help other people within the corporate and financial structure this society seems to favor at this point in it’s social evolution.  Companies that do not hire may not be able to and maintain profits, but if they just released their grip on that thought, and put short term profits out of their minds, and set their sights on a greater goal, all hands would be made better.  Life chasing a profit margin is a life completely wasted.  There is more to the world than money, only fools chase the transitory.

Politics is important, It is the visceral existence of the social contract under which we live, given voice and breath by those who live in and around that world, and by we who are affected by it.  Politics is the way we make collective decisions in this society, which affect all within the group.  Many decisions are made in politics that are entirely created in a fictional setting, hence the need to create a political narrative by those within the political hierarchy.  That fiction is made real by those who would much rather live with that fiction (the need for the patriot act, FISA, and DOMA are just a few modern examples) rather than live with more painful realities.

Many things are important in this world.  But I tell you this, every once in a while I like to get a good ole’ snoot full of real perspective.

Click here to see a picture which shows  off some real perspective.

I look at a picture like that, read the words attached, and it all stops, even if only for a minute.  It is then that I can let out the laugh that all of this supposed “important” stuff really deserves.

I will get a job, or not.  The politics of the world will sort itself out, either through consensus and compromise or through blood and war, and the earth will move in it’s diurnal course across the heavens, lives will be lived, deaths will occur, the cycle of life will continue.

Life is beautiful, because it is such a small thing in such a large universe, because it is such a warm thing in this cold place, because it is all we have, all we are, all we can ever know. Enjoy those you have around you, and care not for the things you surround yourself with, they are less than they appear to be, and are more finite than either you or I.

Tomorrow I will again bellow in righteous indignation at the affronts the world offers.  Tonight I sit with my wife, and smile.  Might even dance with her, that’d be nice.


That’s it from here, America. G’night.


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