New Horizons

My last day on my current temp job is a week away.  7 days.  Next Wednesday.After that I’m looking for a new job, new horizons.

The job I have now is a good job, and despite the fact I don’t get paid much I work hard.  Example:  Today I helped break down 14 – 6 x 4 x 3 (big enough to live in)  fiberboard cabinets, took down a series of electric light fixtures, moved 12 – 5 drawer metal map cabinets, dollyed up several others, and moved the last of the boxes that had to go down to the 11th floor, to make it a grand total of 325 boxes on that floor.

And I would have gotten more done, but the boss was around, and he likes to dither, and isn’t quite as strong as I am.  He had to work the metal map drawers with a pry bar to loosen them up.  They’ve been in the same spot for 40 years and are stuck in place.  I was ripping them out by hand.  Frankly the man slowed me down a bit.

He might be around tomorrow, but with other people being around, the extraction crew is coming in to help break down the other archive room, I foresee a day of hard work again tomorrow.

It is this work ethic that I bring with me to work every day.  I wonder how I can manage to get that into my resume, because everyone like working with people who work like I do.  Never have I heard a complaint about my work ethic.  Ever.

Gonna find a way to do it, and I will get that permanent job.  I’ve had enough of this temp work/ part time work crap.


Speaking of people looking to work in new places….

I was waiting to hear what the first deal of the year would be in the NFL, post deal was going to be.  I was guessing that it was going to be McNabb or Haynesworth getting the boot from Washington.  I haven’t heard much about Haynesworth, but McNabb is said to be out of Washington and in Minnesota.  That should be a pretty good fit for him, and the Vikes do have a decent receiver corp(minus one), at least at the moment.  But that wasn’t the first move that I heard of.

Before I heard about McFlabb going to Minne, the move I heard first about was Matt Hasselbeck heading to the Titans.  That looks like a really good maneuver on the Titans part.  The titans have been in need of a good QB to get the ball to Nate Washington and Kenny Britt (and hopefully a free agency find or 2), to compliment the ground attack of Chris Johnson.  Hasselbeck instantly makes the Titans a better team.

Super Bowl contender?  No.  But they’ll definitely make some noise in the AFC South.

Other moves worth talking about?  Former New York Giant Barry Cofield signing with the Redskins (dammit), The Seahawks signing Robert Gallery and Sidney Rice, and the Bengals signing Bruce Gradkowski.  That last  is a good deal for the Bengals, due to the carson Palmer is “considered to be retired” by the Bengals, and that means they were in need of a new starter.  Sounds like Gradkowski will be the new starting QB in Cincy, unless something startling happens soon.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night


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