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Some dude sent me a video as a comment on the post I wrote on the ninth of this month titled “Political theater.”

I watched it.  I deleted it.  It was stupid.

The video was titled “the small speck”, “teeny tiny spot” or some such, and after watching for about 90 seconds I was annoyed.  This video attempted to dumb down the concept of taxation to the point of ridiculousness.  I would post the video here, but it is a truly stupid piece of crap, and while I have been responsible for some stupid crap here myself, I will not purposefully place out there for public consumption someone elses stupid horse crap.

The concept envisioned though was a fairly ridiculous one.  It made a claim that an incredibly small group of people(congress) ganged up on America and forced taxation down our throats(with the help of the EVIL Internal revenue service.)  The person who created this video has apparently never heard of the enumerated powers of congress.  The concept that congress is a “gang” trying to “extort” money from us for no real reason is at once far fetched and silly.

The entire concept of the video goes beyond that though, and if you watch the entire thing seems to imply, without saying as much, that ALL American government is somehow a “gang of parasitic control freaks”, to use the term the provocateur who voiced this viddy states.

Also makes it seem like ALL things that the government does are in some fashion if not evil, then at least horrible wrong for the people.  I don’t see it, I don’t see it at all.  Government does bad things.  True.  FISA.  The Patriot Act.  NSA warrant-less wiretaps.  But it does many good things as well, and I cannot sit here and condone calling government evil that does a great many things to help its citizens.

The promotion of the general welfare is maintained through things such as WIC and unemployment insurance and other such services.  Justice is established by police and the courts.  The common defense is well taken care of by both the federal and local governments.   All of these things require money to upkeep and maintain.

The people who put out this weak crap are trying their best to undermine any capacity of “We The People” to maintain a more perfect union, and they promote the destruction of the general welfare by undermining the psychological underpinnings of the essential functions of government.

So, whoever you are dude.  Go fist yourself, you Un-American ass-hat.  I don’t mind you hating taxes.  This is America, hate away.  I don’t mind you voicing your opinion.  It’s America, yammer on, I do.  But when it gets to the point of subversion of the very concepts within the constitution that you wish to undermine, there I draw a line, a hard line.

No one likes taxes, but only an idiot would try to foist the view that congress is a “gang” that only acts against America’s self interests with the intent of simply taking money from innocents (there are no innocents) to do unnamed nefarious things that you don’t want done.

They ain’t angels, but they aren’t demons either.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night!


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