Call It Deja Vu…

But I get the feeling that I’ve written this before…

You had to know John Boehner, and by extension the right, wasn’t serious about a budget agreement.  First wrote that on the 9th of this month, and here I am writing it again.  I write it because it is true, I write it because it is the way that the right and in particular speaker Boehner have responded to seeing a possible deal come through that he and his political cronies on his side of the aisle would not get the lions share of the credit.  So what does the dumb-ass do?

Walks away.  Again.  The deal would have worked, the one IO have heard spoken of would have cut debt by something like 3.7 trillion dollars over the next decade.  But the President brings this thing together, gets a lot of people to bite on losses.  And Boehner does this.  To us.  To Americans everywhere.

When I first wrote about this, two weeks ago, It was not as bad as it is now.  There is not as much time now, making this a much more dangerous political game of chicken that Boehner is playing with American businesses, and the fragile American economy.  It’s not like the economy is doing all that well, so threatening it in the name of political brinksmanship is all the more painful to watch.

Mr. Boehner, if you keep this up, not only will we be asking you where the jobs are, we will be asking you why you destroyed our economy.

President and the Senate have done as much as they could do within the political framework, the only putz here is you, Rep. Boehner.


You know for all that I have heard much on this, and many different solutions to this nations insane debt crisis, which has been exacerbated by both sides over the years, most of them are the same old thing from each side.

Republicans want to keep taxes down, would like to see a world without taxes, though how you’d pay for stuff, living like that I have no idea.  I can’t pay a cop to do stuff for me out of my pocket directly, or the fire dept., should I need them.

Democrats want to keep things going as they are, and don’t want anything to happen to any of their pet social programs.  The programs are necessary, but they cost an arm and a leg, they need to be streamlined without losing effectiveness for the people they are meant to help.

I heard a suggestion today while listening to the radio today, don’t remember who it was exactly, it was on bloomberg radio, around 2 pm.  A national sales tax, on everything, or tax increases on everyone + some streamlining of Soc. Sec. and Medicare and the defense budget.  Why?  Simple.  Even if you cut government costs by 20% across the board, which would be damnably difficult, if not impossible, you would still not be able to pay for all the things that government does.  You need taxes to go up to pay for things.

Amazing concept.  Increasing revenue by increasing revenue.


That’s it from me, America.  G’night.


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