I feel weird.  Something seems out of place.  The world is somehow slightly askew.  It feels that way for a reason.  I got a paycheck today, and add to that the money I got that unemployment gave me a day ago and it means only one thing.  I have money!  It feels weird!  It’s been so long since I have had money in the bank that it just seems abnormal to have money that I can spend.

I don’t trust it.  It will run out, it will disappear, it will go away.  It always has in the past.  No matter how hard I have worked in the past, money has never stuck with me.  It disappears.  Money isn’t something I trust, or like to be honest.  It is not something you can build a life around.

If you can, just understand money is like water, and like water, it can evaporate. I’d need to hit the lottery to feel secure financially, and if you feel like you can build your life around the money you make, just make sure you realize that you are building your life on a  foundation of sand.


I am a tired rhino.  I ran in nearly 100 degree heat today, over 6 miles on hills and through the park.  I did what I could to run fast today, and happily I was not slow.  The humidity was a pain as well, made a hard run in the heat even worse.  The heat showed on the run paths today, the amount of people out there was almost nil, and the runners who were out in it were of the top-tier variety, there was a race in the park, and it looked like almost no one showed up.

Not surprising.

The weather is supposed to be hotter tomorrow.  Going to run tomorrow too.  Tired is not a bad thing.  I enjoy busting my ass running, and tired isn’t something that bothers me.  It’ll make sleeping easier and deeper later on.


The NFL looks like they are going to finally get a deal done. Good for them.  I think we have all been waiting for this to happen, at least all us sports fans.  I was kind of ambivalent about the whole thing for most of it.  I was at one point thinking they should just call the season, just stay out.

The debt ceiling looks like it’ll get increased.  At this point it is just a matter of time.  They’ll play this crap out, and milk it for all the political theatre they can get out of it.  In the end the deal will get done.  All else is bullshit.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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