Work, Or Something Like It

I have been busy working, happily busy, but it is weary work.  I like getting paid, and I like working hard, and manual labor of the type I am doing is something  I am suited for, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  The work I did today was fairly monotonous, but strenuous work.  I will not state precisely what I did, but let it be said that I broke a serious sweat for the entire day, and was entirely spent when I left the office.

I’ll take this over working in my old job any day of the week.  The old job, copy operator/supervisor paid more, not a lot more, but more, but it was evil work, for evil people, that was never ever appreciated, and was usually looked at as extraneous bullshit by the people around the office.  No one cared about the work we did, and as a consequence it made it real easy for us to do the same thing.  It rubbed off, part of the corporate culture for those lower on the rung is to be paid and treated like crap.

I work twice as hard now, and like I said, make less money, but the work is necessary for these people, and the appreciation is noticeable, and makes the job a TON easier.  I really had no idea how important a thing it is to feel that until it came my way.

I am sore all over after the days work today.  Feels good, like a real hard workout.  I had no idea that moving around large, unwieldy crap and unbolting and unscrewing other large unwieldy things from the floor so I  and others can move a very large amount of crap out of one building in Manhattan and move it to Long Island would actually feel good.

Sucks that this job is only going to last 8 more days.  2 more days this week, 4 next week, 2 days the week after.  What can you do.  I’ll just enjoy the work for as long as it is around, and hope something permanent of this variety comes along soon.


That’s it from me, America.  G’night.


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