Raise Taxes, Cut Defense, Create Jobs

I wish the people in the house, and the senate, and moody’s, and Fitch’s, and the S&P would really get their shit together, and get this damnable debt ceiling bullshit taken care of, so the rest of us can get on with our lives.  I’m sick of Boehner, and Moody’s.  I really am.  Screw these load of serene bastards.  Pass the damned debt ceiling increase.  We can work on the details of fixing the debt later.  And if Moody’s and their buddies can’t wait a few minutes before downgrading the U.S. debt, then do it now, the hell with it, let the entire damn thing collapse.  On Moody’s and the S&P’s head be it.

Lift the debt ceiling now, avoid the Christmas rush.

Raise taxes, cut the defense budget.  Work from there.

BTW, I would never normally stand with Tom Coburn on anything, but he put together a plan that had two aspects to it that I really liked.  The first is a $1,000,000,000,000 defense budget cut over the next 10 years, one trillion dollars over 10 years.  Much larger than the chunk the President wants to cut out of defense spending.  Prez says 1 trillion cuts too deeply.  I don’t agree.  Go Tom!

Never thought I’d say that about anything from Tom Coburn, the conservatives conservative.

The second thing I liked was the adding of that same amount to government coffers through changes in the tax code.  Go Tom!  Twice!

I’m sure that, this being Coburn’s plan, has some nutty shit in it, but we can take the useful parts and dump the rest and work from their right?



Frankly I want them to finish this so the house can concentrate on doing something they said they’d do as soon as they got into office, and haven’t touched yet, namely JOBS JOBS JOBS.  I am a temp, woefully underemployed, in need of a break and a full time job, and frankly I have had it with not being employed full time.  I need money coming in to keep a roof over my head, and I would like some health insurance, maybe even some dental insurance, for me and my wife.  Can’t afford either if I don’t have a job.

And these silly bastards have been taking their sweet time, being a truly do nothing house this session, and have not done a single god damned thing to ease the burdens of the current unemployment crisis.


At this point in my day, I am getting ready for work in the morning.  The job may be merely a temp job, part-time at that, 30 hours a week, 7.5 hours a day, 4 days a week for 3 weeks at $10.00 per hour, but it’s a job, and with as hard as I have been pushing my body physically the last few weeks with my running, I need extra rest. The food is packed in the fridge, I have some tools packed, an extra shirt, work gloves.  I, after all, promised to be there, and be read for whatever they throw at me.

Sucks that it’s only a temp gig.  Sucks that it’s only part-time.  What can you do though?

I try to look at things like my job situation through as many prisms as possible.  For the employer, who doesn’t have enough money to sign me on permanent, or make me full time, I have deeply conflicting emotions. On the one hand, I need a job to make money so I can pay bills and live my life, and why the hell can’t they just see that, and hire me?  If they didn’t need me I wouldn’t be there, right?  But on the other hand, the owners hands are tied as well.  After all, if they had the resources, would they not pay me to do the job, and make it permanent?  The fact that they don’t makes it abundantly clear that they can’t.

But I do have to look after myself first, so despite the fact that I can see, at least in some small way, what the employer is going through, I can’t think of them first. You don’t see them thinking of me first, do you?  If they did, I’d be permanent right now, not mike the temp.  So I point a finger of blame at them for not bringing me on permanent, while understanding that they have it tough as well.

Plus, I’m unemployed, what choice do I have, if that is all that’s out there, then that’s all I can get.

I went looking for work this afternoon on a few different sites.  Nothing.  Seriously, not one good bite.  The night is not over yet though, and I am not done looking.  Got another hour to search.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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