The Immediate Future

In 12 hours I will be on the way to a temp job.  That job doesn’t pay much, but something is better than nothing.  I’ve worked stuff similar to it, but never have I done this particular work.  It isn’t difficult though, I’ll be packing textiles.  Individual pieces, and a fair number of them, making sure that no moisture gets into them, and that they are protected from UV light.  The first is entirely on me, and I have a handle on, very basic stuff, the second is dependent on resources not under my control.

The job will last for only a few weeks, the latest date I will be there is August 5th, but I expect I’ll be out of there by the end of July.  It doesn’t look like there is enough work to keep me there the extra week, even if I milk the job. I hope there is overtime involved.  I would not mind putting in a few 60 hour weeks, just to make enough extra money during the short time I’m there so I can pay some bills.

I am temporarily halting the job search until the 22nd of July.  I don’t want to send in resumes to people, then not be able to go to an interview because of an obligation I have during these few weeks.  But usually resumes sent take about a week to 10 days to generate an interview, so I think the 22nd is a safe date for me to begin again.


In one hour I will be getting ready to go to bed.   I will probably not be close to tired.  The sleep I get before the  first day of a new job is always somewhat restive and hard to come by.  It’s always a big day, that first day at a new job.  You’d think that I would be over ti by now, 43 years old, having started no less than half a dozen temp jobs, a half dozen first days in the 2 plus years since I got the boot from DPW.  But no, it’s always hard.

I try to get myself into a sleep cycle that accommodates the job and the hours I am going to work before I get to it.  But no matter what that first night is all nerves, twisting and turning, unable to get comfortable.  So I do what I can to be as relaxed and happy as is possible beforehand.  I listen to calm music, don’t really read the news as that gets my dander up.  I try to lose myself somewhere, doing something.

Tonight for example I’m listening to classical music, J.S. Bach.  But I can’t sit still, I do have things to do, I have to go pack food, make sure I have everything read for tomorrow.  I do not want to be running around tomorrow doing last minute stuff before I have to leave.  That is a good way to forget stuff, and not be 100% ready for that first day working.


About 1 hour after I get home from work tomorrow, unless I get my wish and get some overtime, I will be out running.  Running helps clear my head, makes me forget the day, helps me wind down in my head, by pushing my body to the point that I cannot focus on anything else but my body.

I can guarantee that there will be stuff thrown at me tomorrow that I am not ready for, so I will need that stress reducer to make life just that much easier to handle.

The runs will be shorter than what I have been doing lately, there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to run 11.4 miles after traveling for nearly 3 hours and working 8 or 9 hours.


In about 5 minutes this article will be finished. Oh, wait… I’m done now. 🙂



That’s it from here America. G’night.


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