Friday Night Mish-Mash

This News of the World Phone Hacking scandal has grown legs, hasn’t it?

Rebekah Brooks, News International’s top gun, and the woman who ran News of the World, will apparently stay on as head of News International, despite being at the center of this firestorm created by her complete lack of journalistic integrity.  She had to have some idea of what was going on, only a clueless putz wouldn’t, and she wouldn’t be where she is now if she was that dumb.  So… she stays, but the paper closes.  Hundreds lose jobs, to save one woman, one who was an editor when the late Milly Dowler’s(13 year old who was murdered) phone was hacked, and messages, potential evidence, were deleted because the phone mailbox was full, so the hackers at the paper could listen to fresh messages.  The other head editor?  Just arrested over the same affair.

On top of this, Murdoch tried to pressure the previous UK administration to back away from investigating the phone hacking that went on at the News of the World. Families of war dead had their phones hacked as well.

Murdoch says he’ll investigate the phone hacking matter internally.  Would you trust the results of that investigation?  If his people are shady enough to do these things they did, would they not be shady enough to give Rupert exactly what he wants in the investigations results, exonerating whoever they want to?

Someone should look into his activities here in the States.  If it worked in England and Ireland, and it apparently did for a while anyway, why wouldn’t it here? A proven model is one that would be used throughout the company, would it not?

Rupert Murdoch, his people, and even his family screwed up something fierce didn’t they?  Phone hacking to get news alleged at (at least) 2 different Murdoch owned entities.  The only question that remains in my mind is how long until an investigation into his companies practices here take place.  If a paper as large as the News of the World (turned into a rag by Murdoch when he bought it in 1969), could use practices as ugly as this, it could just as easily use them here.


Viddy of the day: Rupert Murdoch to Shut Down News of the World after UK Hacking Scandal


The duty of journalists is to tell the truth. Journalism means you go back to the actual facts, you look at the documents, you discover what the record is, and you report it that way.

Noam Chomsky


Enough about Rupert…

Feet up, leaning back at a precarious angle, resting.  The apartment for the first time in too damned long is actually comfortable.  I can sit down and not break a sweat, which is nice. Been so hot it even annoyed me, the imperturbable one, which is a helluva difficult thing to do.  Maybe it’s the change in temps that has me feeling more composed, better about the world, happier.  No other circumstance has changed.

Still poor, still ugly.

The pain that was in my feet has dissipated, and has moved up my legs, into my calves.  I’m used to it there, I can deal with that.  Now I’ve got to try to keep from sitting for too long, my ass gets sore when I sit too much, and frankly I’d rather have beat feet and calves than a busted ass.  Plus when I sit too long, those first few steps are hard to take, and I walk like an old man, hunched forward, rocking left and right as I take those first few steps.  At 43, that is just plain wrong.


I am listening to music with my wife, each of us busy writing.  She singing, I enjoying.  70’s cheese no less.  The Captain and Tennelle, “love will keep us together” as I recall is the name of the song.  Back to the radio, not looking.  If it were me, it’d be either Metal or Elvis.  Been on an Elvis kick lately, could not tell you why.

As the music changes, from cheesy to cheesy, to Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta singing a song from Grease, I can’t help but laugh.  I think it’s horrible, but the wife loves it, says she’s seen the movie about 5,000 times.  Wouldn’t doubt it.  I don’t know that I’ve seen it once even piecemeal, and I’ve never watched it all the way through at one sitting.  I have this stuff called taste, and it precludes me watching fluff like that.  Maybe I’m missing something. I don’t know.  I ain’t the answer man.

As some other crap song came on, that neither of us knew, I turned it off, and tossed on Elvis.  Wife likes the King as well, so we can both relax to it.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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