39 Sentences

I am on unemployment.

I hate being on unemployment.

I am still waiting for money from unemployment, that is owed me for parts of June, approximately $1,200, plus whatever I am owed, (and this number is as yet unknown) for the three + weeks that the new claim has existed.

The company that I worked for for 6 weeks has simply not contacted the people at unemployment, and the saga on the unemployment side with them has now lasted longer than my employment with them.

The people at the NYSDOL, aka unemployment, said they have sent them a letter already, and that there really isn’t anything else I can do from my end, but continue to claim my benefits.

That money may never show up.

I want a job.

I need a job, I have bills to pay, things to do.

The good news is that I have an interview coming up tomorrow, so there is some reason to hope, but I’ve had interviews that gave me that hope before I went on them, that went well, and still didn’t get the job.

The job is only for $10 an hour, but it is doing a job that I love.

An art handling position in Manhattan.

Wish me luck.


I’m not the only one in a really bad place as far as employment and funds go.

1,599 companies had mass layoffs in May this year alone, with over 143,000 people let go.

A mass layoff means 50 or more claims against one company at one time.

Nearly one thousand six hundred of those events happening nationwide.

I have questions for these businesses doing all this laying off.

Are your profits really more important than the livelihoods of all those people, and is all the damage you do to all the towns where you lay all those people off from really less important than your bottom line?

If you undermine the towns and cities, and neighborhoods where these people live, do you seriously think that you aren’t damaging your potential future markets there?

Or do you simply not care about that?

Are we, your customers, the people who make your bread and butter, and in the end pay your bills by doing business with you, so unimportant that you would damage us, and in damaging us, damage yourselves as well?


America needs jobs, and America’s companies will not hire.

Layoffs, despite what is expected to be a decent jobs report this week, are rampant.

State governments, major defense contractors, food companies and the like are letting people go at a furious pace.

CEO’s of companies that lay more people off make more money than CEO’s of companies that do not.

Chew on that thought for a few minutes.

The next time you blame a politician for the woes of the American worker, take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself why you haven’t questioned the companies that hire and fire those workers first.

To blame a politician, any politician, without laying the lions share of the blame directly at the feet of corporate America is both silly, stupid, and counter-productive to intelligent debate about the issue that is unemployment.

Companies have money, oodles of it,  the recession ended in late 2009 after all, but they still decide to let people go, by the hundreds of thousands.

GE, Johnson and Johnson and the like pay nearly nothing in taxes, still lay people off, AND make a TON of profits.

We tolerate this from these people why exactly?

Why have we not taken to the streets in armed revolt over this?

We need to tax these bastards until their ears start to bleed from it.

A quick aside:  Anyone who sincerely believes that a company can increase it’s “operational efficiency” by firing people is an idiot.

The fewer people you have working for you, the more work has to be done by the smaller work force, making the job less easy to do.

The problem in this nation is that CEO’s are not accountable for the crap they force us to deal with.


Brings to mind a variation on an old joke.

“What do you call 1,000 CEO’s dead on the bottom of the Ocean?  A good start.”


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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