Tequila And Explosives Make For A Fun Evening…

Tequila and explosives make for a fun evening… or they used to.  While I don’t really do the tequila thing any more, it’s expensive and bad for my head, the explosives would make for a fun night, especially tonight.  The fourth of July should be an expression of freedom, and the joy that having that freedom creates.  Which in part includes blowing crap up to celebrate that freedom.  I don’t get the whole state government not allowing people to use fireworks thing that goes on in New York.  It does not make sense.

Isn’t part of freedom the ability to do as I please so long as it doesn’t harm anyone else?

Yes, I understand the potential for fireworks to do harm, and damage to both property and people.  I say that educating people on the proper usage of fireworks is a much better way to handle the issues of potential harm from fireworks, much better than making it illegal to use the things. That the state of New York, along with New Jersey, Delaware and Massachusetts completely forbid the personal use of fireworks.  They are the only four states primitive enough to not allow them.

Proof right there that the more rights the states have, the less the people do.  Thievin bastards.

I remember when I was a kid, we did as we pleased with the things.  No one ever really got hurt, because we knew what the hell we were doing, and only on rare occasion did we try to set one another on fire with the damn things, and it was even less frequent when we were successful.



Viddy of the day:  Officials Urge Safety This Fourth Of July


Now THAT'S what I call a party

Yes they are dangerous.  Yes thousands get hurt every year, and people die using them. It can be painful, even deadly to play with fire like that.  But the right to use these things, just because they are dangerous, should not be abridged simply because they are dangerous.  Taking this as an example, how long would it be before consuming alcohol becomes illegal? Driving? Overeating?  Where does it stop?  Each of these things, either directly or indirectly causes thousands of deaths and much illness in this nation, and is in fact much more harmful than fireworks. Should they then each individually be made illegal? How many intrusions into your life are you willing to accept?

I don’t get it.  But then again, I don’t want to.  If these state government helped people use these things in a safer manner, either by giving us a place to play with them, or even better, just kept their unnecessarily intrusive legislation out of our freedom, we would all be better off.

It was fun playing with mortars, firecrackers, and m-80’s.  We didn’t get hurt because we knew better.  It can be fun for the kids out there again in those places where the state governments are so restrictive as to not allow people to do as they wish.  We can protect ourselves, we don’t need the states to steal our rights.

Plus, I wanna go blow some shit up.  What the hell is wrong with that?


Enough crap from me. Go to sleep, America!


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