Getting Ready

Dateline: Staten Island,  Saturday July 2nd 2011; 10:30pm.

All is well. Except…

The rent is unpaid, as is the gas bill, but both will get paid, eventually.  Both late, but that’s how it goes when the man of the house, the supposed breadwinner can’t find a job to save his life.  Literally.  A job would be a lifesaver right now.  I have been looking for one like a man possessed, or more correctly, like a man that wants to possess.  And what I want to possess is that most precious of things in a capitalist society, a mean of generating money so I can pay the bills and live a life that’s at least half worth living.

I’m getting ready to sign up for a second stint as a writer at  The first one did not go so well, they assigned me to a writing gig other than the one I wanted, and even though I wrote for them every day, and wrote my level best, I never did get any money from them for my writing.  But then again not many people read me there.

Also, I am getting ready to sell my baseball cards, after waffling on the subject of doing so for several months.  Not because of reluctance to letting go of precious moments from my childhood.  I do not hold the past in that high esteem.  It is because of the lack of will on my part to actually scan them, one by one into my computer, put them out there, and see what I can get for them.  I am concerned that I would get unmercifully ripped off, get a very small percentage of what they are actually worth.  And I don’t know anyone who is buying, I lost contact with the people I used to buy and sell cards from years ago.


Everything considered, a determined soul will always manage.

Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus


And to top it all off,  I am getting ready to pull my hair out of my head… or I would if I had any left after going high and tight with my latest haircut.  I have borrowed money once to help pay bills (thank you, you know who you are) and live life while my wife struggles to make enough to cover her bills and the house bills, the latter of which until 2 months ago I paid.  She doesn’t make enough to do both, and she has let some of her bills go to help pay the house bills. That is a damn shame.  Hurts me to no end.  She deserves better than I, than this.

I can’t find a job.  Unemployment won’t get me money that is mine, because a company I tempted for for 6 weeks decided to fight my claim, and I (so far) have been unsuccessful in getting their EIN number so the NYS Unemployment can finish putting my claim in, so I can get the money owed me, which at last count is something like $1500, which would go a very far way in making life livable while I look for a job.

It’ll be OK, the unlucky streak can’t last.  Something good is bound to happen,life is going to be a raging pain in the ass until I break the streak, that’s all.  I hope my wife, and the rest of the people in my life, will stick with me until I get this crap behind me.  So far she, and they, have.

It’s good to have people that care about you around.  Comfort is nice.  A job would be better.

Time to get back to the Job search.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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