June 2011 Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the content from June 2011′s Random Thoughts.  Enjoy!


Anagram:  Ninety Degrees/ Tiny Green Seed/ Need it’s Energy/I Need Grey Nets/ Tiny Nerd Geese/ Dentine Geyser/ Rinse Edgy Teen/ Dying Tree Seen (6/1)


Rep. Anthony Weiner is guilty of something in this “BiggusDickusgate” scandal.

Of what I have no idea.

Maybe that photo is of him, but he just doesn’t want to admit it, and the send of the pic was done by someone else, a buddy perhaps, or someone with more malicious intent?  Maybe it was an erroneous send, by him, that he doesn’t want to admit? Maybe he was hacked, and the pic, of whoever, was sent by someone alleging to be him just like he says.  I don’t know, I’m not the answer man.

Whatever the case, he has appallingly bad judgment.  Taking this to the media, and then not being able to definitively answer whether that is his schlong or not is just plain stupid.  How do you not know a pic of yer own meat?  Watching his response to the “biggusdickusgate” scandal unfold made me want to throw the bad call brick at him.  (6/2)


Had a job interview today.  For an art handler position.  In Jersey city.    T’was fairly short, and the guy was interested in when I could start and was talking salary before the end of the interview.  He asked a few short simple questions, fewer than a normal interviewer would, but I did go over, in a somewhat meticulous manner, the stuff I did at Sotheby’s.  This seemed to settle things for him.  I hope that’s good news.  (6/3)


I am a happy man, my bankruptcy case is finished, and successfully at that.  Now I can, with one less thing on my mind, get on with my life, and trying to find a job, keep a roof over my head, and pay the bills with what passes for the money that exists in my life.

Still a million things to worry about, but 1 big one off of my back makes things just a hair easier.  And life is that much better.  (6/4)


Anagram:  Confrontational/ I Cannot Rant, Fool!/ Not A Frantic Loon/ Cool Nonfat Train/ Fart: Not In a Colon/ Oft Carnal Notion/  Cannot Train Fool  (6/5)


It’s 1 pm.  I looked for work on several sites, craigslist, monster, indeed, & NYC.ORG with no success.  I’m sitting around waiting for the UPS guy to show up and deliver 2 phones, one she needed, one she got me because she thinks the one I have is too old, and the newer one I got in February broke. I haven’t run yet. I want to run, but can’t.  Yet. My wife is asleep, having worked until about 7 am.    Still haven’t heard back from the people I interviewed with, and I was hoping to have heard from them by now.  Dammit.  (6/7)


My wife and I are going to our first ever Yankee game at the new Yankee Stadium together later today!  My third game, but her first. Yankees – Red Sox.  Sabathia – Beckett.  Should be a Blast!  LET’S GO YANKEES!!!!! (6/9)


My wife and I left for a baseball game, her 1st and my 3rd at the new Yankee Stadium at 4:45 pm, for a 7:05 scheduled start.  Got there around starting time, but it was raining, so we lucked out, at least as far as not missing the start of the game.  That’s all we thought, figured the rain would not be too long, the word was the storm wasn’t that big.

3 hours later, at 10:35, the game finally started, and lasted until around 1:45 am.  I think I’ll be writing about this in the blog proper sometime soon. (6/10)


I’ve sent in 5 resumes so far today.  3 for art handler positions, 2 at a hospital in Manhattan.  Not done looking. If there are any odd jobs you need done, drop me a line, let me know.  I’m willing to try almost any job once, just to see if I can handle it.  (6/12)


Rep.  Weiner.  Dude.  Seriously.  Walk away.  Quit while yer behind, because you cannot get ahead at this point.    (6/12)


Worked my first day as a house cleaner.  Made $40.  Better’n nuttin.  Working one day next week, less time, less money for that one. (6/16)


Put in my unemployment claim today, even though they aren’t paying me.  The people I used to work with are fighting my claim.  Dammit, I have bills to pay, and no one wants to hire me full time.  (6/19)


Worked 2 ½ hours today.  Made $25, gotta go pick up the money tomorrow.  (6/20)


Welcome Back Mr. Olbermann!  (6/20)


Wife got canned from one of her writing gigs today, no reason given.  Now, on top of me not getting any unemployment in, and not being employed, my wife is now making something like $600 less a month because of this, she who has been the breadwinner for far too long. Life can be cruel sometimes.  Way to start off the summer.  Dammit.  (6/21)


Called unemployment today, trying to find answers about what the hell is going on with my claim.  Had THE most unhelpful human I have ever dealt with on the phone.  Her name was Amy.   She said she could not help, when I asked her to look at my claim.  I asked to speak to an examiner so I could find out for myself what was happening with the case from the person in charge of the case.  Said she couldn’t, after the person who I spoke to last week said I could.  She couldn’t be bothered, she never even tried.

I was placid.  Thought to myself, “No big deal, I’ll just call back, and deal with someone else.”  After all, she can’t be the only person working the switchboards at NYS unemployment, could she?

Call back 5 minutes later… get Amy again.  Hang up.

I’ll call back later,  after noon, when (I presume) Amy will be on lunch, and I can get actual help. Maybe even get someone not named Amy.  It’d be nice.  She’s the first unhelpful person I’ve dealt with there, and hopefully the last.  (6/22)


Not many random thoughts this month. More of a specific, particular month for me. (6/30)


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

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