Idle Talk

I’m sitting around a few minutes after midnight, lazing around the abode.  Nothing much going on. The only sounds that I can hear are the sounds of the fan going in the background, the clattering of rhythmic repetition of my fingers as they dance gracelessly across the computers keyboard.  My wife, apparently having gotten sick of the almost disaster area that is the home sweet apartment that we two share, is walking around doing a little light cleaning.

The cats, being cats, are laying around the place, breathing.  Beats the alternative.

Running around and running were the order of the day early on, I ran during the rain and thunderstorms that brought hail and severe lightning to many folks in the area.  I didn’t get any of it.  I just got rained on while running, which is never a bad thing.  It really wasn’t a hard run today, 5.2 miles of off the clock, non-timed, relaxed running in the rain.

After an injury to my right hamstring on may 23rd, I rehabbed the thing, my wife helped, and I was back on the road hobbling in a week.  A day after the race I missed because of the injury, I made tentative steps out the door to try to begin running.  1.9 miles that first day, slow as hell, with a break around the half way point.  I’ve run every day since.  This is the first streak of 17 days in a row running in… lord, I don’t know… a year, a year and a half?  Something like that.  My muscles are strained a bit from the daily grind, especially since I am averaging 6 miles per run per day, and that includes the several days of sub 5 mile rehab “runs” I did before trying to actually run.

The running around was just crap that has to get done to live in and maintain a place to live in.  Nothing much to write about.  Not sure I want to write about seeing “Alpha-Bits” and Spaghetti sauce on sale, and other such wild excitements.

The job hunt is still a hunt, and still futile.  But I still keep plugging away.

I did work one day last week.  One.  Made a few bucks, which is nice.  Helped clean someone’s house for a few hours.  Nice work, easy stuff, nothing I haven’t done once or 16,243 times.  Pain in the ass, because it’s on a schedule, so you have to move semi-quick, but if that’s the hardest part of an easy job, bring me more.  Hell, if I could 2 or 3 of those type of jobs a day for 5 or 6 days a week, I could make enough to pay my bills and maybe even save a buck or t…


it’d never work.

The friggin earth would explode if I ever found regular work.

Seems that way anyway. Hope not. I don’t want to destroy the world.  That’s where I keep all my stuff, and every one I know lives there.  And it’d piss off the cats.


Read a headline that said “Boeing hearing is politically polarized”  First thought that came to mind “Duh!

Saw a picture of a rock-star, lit from above, looking a little like an old 1980 picture of David Lee Roth, or someone who wanted to be Dave, anywho.  It was on google news.  Had a closer look.  It was Tom Cruise.  Srsly.

Lulzsec says “iPhones are disgusting inventions intended to suck your soul and wallet from your person.”  I agree completely.  They’re still assholes for publishing peoples passwords.  White hats don’t put info out there for black hats to use and exploit, which regardless of what else they say, they actually did.  Keep the e-mail and password info to yourselves fellas, you’ll save yourselves a world of pain and bullshit later on. I know you say you don’t care now.  You will later.


That’s about it from here, America.  G’night… and.. change your passwords.


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