May 2011 Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the May 2011 Running Commentary.  Enjoy!



Sun., May 1st:  Ran 13.3 miles, un-timed.  60 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Longest run of the year so far, I didn’t push hard, but the distance run gave it the feel of a hard effort.  I did pick up the pace at the end of the run, just to see if I had a final kick left in me, felt good to have one after nearly an hour forty five of running.  150 push-ups, 150 crunches.  Easy workout after a hard run .

Mon., May 2nd:  Ran 5.2 miles in 37:40.66, a 7:14.74 m/m pace.  57 degrees, partly cloudy.  I told myself as I was going out the door I wasn’t going to push hard.  Two steps in I started to push hard, and I didn’t let up at all the entire run.  This was everything I had at this point in my day.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have any knee pain this time around.  Helluva run.  100 Push-ups, 75 beginner knuckle push-up burpees. Light short workout, and it was as much as I had time for .

Tues., May 3rd:  Ran 5.2 miles in 39:06.50, a 7:31.25 m/m pace.  68 degrees, partly cloudy.  Took it easy during the first half of the run, and picked it up for the second half.  Hit the half way point of the run at 19:50 (7:37.69 pace).  Ran the second half 36 seconds faster (7:24.61 pace.) No pain at all from the knee, or anywhere else for that matter.  Felt good on a great evening for a run. 96 (12 sets of 8 ) KPU, chin-up, ceiling kick burpees.  Gotta find a better name for this exercise.  This kicked my ass!  Nice!

Wed., May 4th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 38:06.25, a 7:19.66 m/m pace.  48 degrees, cloudy, windy.  Busted it out there today. Felt good pushing this hard today, when I didn’t think I had this kind of effort in me.About the same effort as the one I put in Monday.  Left knee was sore, as was my right hamstring, but it was only a minor issue. 175 push-ups, 35 chin-ups .

Thur., May 5th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 54:11.54, a 7:37.96 m/m pace.  58 degrees, clear.  3 laps in the park at dusk.  I ran pretty hard out there today, not as hard as I did yesterday, but it was a strong effort.  I thought I was faster than this, but it was as fast as I was capable of tonight.  No pain at all from the knee or the hamstrings.  Nice. 175 push-ups, 35 chin-ups, identical to yesterday’s workout, short, due to lack of time for exercise.

Fri., May 6th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT

Sat., May 7th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:29.16, a 7:31.99 m/m pace.  55 degrees, sunny.  I started with a nice even pace, and pushed that pace harder as the run went on.  By the second of three park laps, I was motoring nearly at full speed, and actually had to slow down for a little bit during the third lap, because I had been pushing too hard for too long, and was feeling it.  Beautiful morning for a run.  No exercise, too busy today.

Sun., May 8th:  Ran 10.9 miles un-timed.  62 degrees, sunny.  Beautiful day for a run.  I actually pushed pretty hard in spots out there today, surprising more because I usually don’t do that during longer (10+ mile) runs, but the great weather and the feeling that I could made it too difficult to pass up.  This ranks with some of the best run days of the year, of the last few years.  No pain, no knee or ankle issues.  125 push-ups, 125 crunches, 25 chin-ups, 50 KPU chin-up ceiling kick burpeesThis exercise STILL need a new name, dammit.

Mon., May 9th:  Ran 5.62 miles in 40:41.86, a 7:14.49 m/m pace.  66 degrees, sunny.  I had no idea I was going quite this fast out there today. This was everything I had, and dammit, this felt good.  I had pain in my left knee early, but it disappeared after about 4 minutes of running.  I had to run around a ton of people out there today.  Probably why I was so fast.  200 KPU Burpees.  Broke a serious sweat doing this, first time I’ve done this particular exercise in a while, busted it.

Tues., May 10th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 36:59.74, a 7:06.87 m/m pace.  54 degrees, partly sunny.  Fastest run of the year.  Started out fast, got a boost on the downhill to the park, by running with some guy, trying to stay ahead of him on the downhill.  He was fast.  I was faster, barely.  Kept the speed and tried to increase it in the park.  Zoom and other such statements.  No pain at all.  Nice.  180 push-ups, 150 crunches.  Fast workout, would have done more, but I started late, less than an hour before bedtime.

Wed., May 11th:  Ran 5.62 miles in 42:08.70, a 7:29.94 m/m pace.  60 degrees, partly cloudy.  Took my time on tonight’s hill run, kinda.  In comparison to the last few days, I took my foot off of the gas, but it was still a sub 7:30 on hills, not exactly a weak effort.  Stomach was bothering me for a lil bit, must’ve had too much coffee prior to the run, made it harder to run. Fun run otherwise.

Thurs., May 12th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:22.88, a 7:31.11 m/m pace.  56 degrees, partly cloudy.  Starting work late, so I ran early today.  Up at 5 am, out before 6, back before 7.  I stretched my stride here, might not look like it, looking at my time, but I did.  I pushed hard, at least for me, during a morning run, before work.  No knee pain, no issues to speak of.  Great morning for a run.

Fri., May 13th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.

Sat., May 14th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 54:31.4, a 7:40.76 m/m pace.  57 degrees, cloudy, humid.  Knee was an issue for the first half of the run, bad enough where I had to stop near the ½ way point.  It got loose on me, and I needed the stop to straighten it out.  I moved faster, and with less pain after the stop, and my time improved somewhat.  I didn’t really push it though, wanting to keep from doing more harm to it.  100 standard burpees, 125 push-ups, 125 crunches, 45 chin-ups.  I just went with what felt right, broke a decent enough sweat.

Sun., May 15th:  Ran 14.7 miles in 1:53.24, a 7:42.85 m/m pace.  61 degrees, cloudy, rain/drizzle, fog.  Longest run of the year, so far.  Took it slow early, ran an 8:00 m/m pace for the first 4 ½ miles, pushed it after that, ran the next 10.2 miles 25 seconds per mile faster. Which is only part of the story.  Lap 3 I ran at a 7:45, lap 4 I was faster than that(7:36 pace,) and laps 5 thru 7 I ran at or under a 7:30 m/m pace.  Helluva run!  200 push-ups, 40 chin-ups.

Mon., May 16th: NO RUN NO WORKOUT.

Tues., May 17th:  Ran 9 miles in 1:06:34, a 7:23.77 m/m pace.  60 degrees, cloudy, breezy, occasional showers.  After a long two days of hair on fire worrying about things on several fronts that I choose not to write of here, I finally got a run in late afternoon, and decided to run longer than normal, not knowing when I will next be able to run.  Ran to clear my head, concentrated on form.  I ignored everything else. It was the right way to go.  I feel better now, except I did something to my left pinky toe, dammit.  200 push-ups, 40 chin-ups.

Wed., May 18th:  Ran 6.65 miles in 48:11.47, a 7:14.8 m/m pace.  61 degrees, rain, heavy at times, windy. Fast hill running in this weather is not something I expected of myself.  Pretty happy with it. Strong fast pace, about as much as I am capable of at this point in my running life, given conditions, and conditioning.  Left knee was an issue for a moment, but only a moment, left pinky toe is still sore.  225 push-ups, 45 chin-ups .

Thur., May 19th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 53:33.15, a 7:32.55 m/m pace.  63 degrees, partly cloudy.  I decided to take the foot off of the gas today, at least in my head. My feet were moving as fast as usual, but I didn’t expend nearly as much energy on it, or on my stride length as I have recently.  I needed a little bit of a break, and took it out there today.  Knee was not a problem, but the left pinky toe isn’t doing so well.  It’s always something with me.

Fri., May 20th:  Ran 7.1 miles in 52:02.26, a 7:19.75 m/m pace.  60 degrees, sun-showers.  I picked up the pace today, pushed as hard as I was able to.  Pretty happy about chopping a minute and a half off of yesterday’s time.  Not having to deal with pain today was a pretty happy thing.  Muddy track and wet conditions made this run if not more treacherous, then at least messier than normal.  Covered in mud and happy about it!  Nice!  100 ceiling kick burpees.

Sat., May 21st:  NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.

Sun., May 22nd:  Ran 11.4 miles in 1:25:42, a 7:31.05 m/m pace.  53 degrees, cloudy, windy, drizzle.  Pushed as hard as I was able to at this distance at this point in my training regimen.  The run was pretty uniform, tried to keep my pace and stride length as close to precise as I was able.  I was tempted to stop at a number of occasions, but happily didn’t.  Left knee was sore, but not too too bad, no other issues to speak of.  200 push-ups, 40 chin-ups.

Mon., May 23rd:  Ran 5.7 miles in 43:32.04, a 7:38.25 m/m pace.  64 degrees, cloudy.  Took my time today. Didn’t feel like pushing after I pushed as hard as I did yesterday. But I also tweaked something on the back of my right leg.  Whether it’s my hamstring or my IT band, or something else, I do not know.  But with a race coming up in a week, I’m not taking any chances.  I’m taking tomorrow off of running unless I feel absolutely 100% healthy.  Exercise info if I exercise, dunno if I will or not. (no exercise on the 23rd)

Tues., May 24th:  No run.  Not going to chance it with a race in a few days.  I might run tomorrow, I’ll see how the injury is healing at that point.

Wed., May 25th: NO RUN, NO EXERCISE.  Healing on the right leg is not progressing well.

Thur., May 26th:  Ran unknown distance in 4:03.35, maybe a ¼ of a mile. (note to self: do not count this distance)  66 degrees, foggy.  This sucks.  The week before the race I have been waiting for all year, and now I come up injured.  Dammit.  Ran for 4 minutes, and the right leg cramped up, or tightened up, something.  Can’t place it.  Tried, after stopping and rubbing the muscle for a minute, trying to just shake it off, to push off, start to run, and the leg nearly collapsed underneath me.  Son of a bitch.  I might just not run until the day of the race, and hope I can go without the thing seizing up on me during the race.  This is as frustrating as hell.


This month:  146.29  miles.  Longest run: 14.7 miles (May 15th) Shortest run: 5.2 miles (May 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 10th)  19 runs in 31 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 7.699 miles

Year to date: 573.26 miles  Longest so far 14.7 miles (May15th) Shortest 1.7 miles (January 24th, injury shortened). 93 runs on the year.  Average run distance:  6.164  miles


I was on pace to have one of my best months on record, far better by far than last month, which was a very good one for me.  Then I tweaked my hamstring on the 23rd, and that made a mess of everything.  I was unable to run for more than 4 minutes for the rest of the month after that.  On June 1st, I was barely able to get in a 1.9 mile run, and the hamstring is sore from that slight effort.

Still the month was a decent one.

Almost 150 miles in 19 runs, averaging over 7 miles per run is a damn good thing.  Keeping up the exercise when I was running helped me to run fast and strong. Running a few half marathon distance runs at speed, around a 7:30/ 7:40 pace, which I think is phenomenal. I usually run those slower, that really felt good.  I am going to build on this, rather than focus on the bad end things took this month.


That’s it from here for now, America.


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