The Day’s News

2005 tornado in Oklahoma

Over 100 dead in Joplin, Missouri. Over 1000 missing.  8,000 buildings destroyed.  More storms moving through the area.  It is  looking like this year will be among the worst tornado season’s this nation has ever seen. The average year has about 1,275 tornadoes, at least during the last decade.  We’ve hit 1000 and it isn’t even Memorial day yet.

More tornadoes around today, killing several more in Oklahoma and Kansas.  More expected tomorrow.

Might not be the apocalypse, but I’m sure the people in Joplin might argue with you about that.

If you would like to help, donate to the red cross.  Those people need help.


Viddy of the day:  Joplin, Mo. damage estimated at $3 billion


Then the wind struck the school. The walls seemed to fall in, all around us. Then the floor at one end of the building gave way. We all slipped or slid in that direction. If it hadn’t been for the seats it would have been like sliding down a cellar door.

I can’t tell you what happened then. I can’t describe it. I can’t bear to think about it. Children all around me were cut and bleeding. They cried and screamed. It was something awful. I had to close my eyes…

Gorham school student, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 20th, 1925


Now for something completely different…

With 89% of the vote in as of 11:00pm, in NY 26, a district in northeastern New York state, Democrat Kathy Hochul defeated Republican Jane Corwin by a 48% – 42% margin.  The race was very much about, according to the news that I have read, Jane Corwin’s backing of Paul Ryan’s budget, and more importantly his decimation of medicare, turning it into a voucher program. I don’t know that that is 100% accurate.

If Mrs. Hochul was not the candidate saying the things that the people needed to hear, the people would not have voted for her.  If she did not have a platform that the people believed in, the people would not have voted for her.  Her stand against Corwin’s seemingly standing up for the destruction of medicare as we currently know it was a part of it, no doubt, but to listen to the press, you’d think that the people of Batavia, New York and the surrounding region voted for no other reason than medicare, and frankly that thought is just plain silly.

There might be single issue voters, but I don’t know that this is offhand a single issue election.

I could be wrong though.

Still, it’s good news for the Democrats.  They won a seat that the Democrats haven’t held since the district was gerrymandered by George Pataki back in 2000.  Feels good.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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