It’s Not Like It’s The End Of The World Or Anything….

I like this guy Camping.  He’s made millions banking on the weak and stupid, selling this end of the world crap, he’s gotten gullible people to toss hundred’s of thousands of their own dollars into trying to advertise the end of the world.  He’s got a net worth of, I believe, $72 million dollars?  Something like that.  So he’s set, especially when the world doesn’t end at 6:00pm tomorrow.

A hint to all the soon to disappointed apocalypidiots, who have thrown all their money into advertising an event that did not happen.  Class action lawsuit.  Sounds like a winner to me.  After losing the way these ignorant people clearly are going to, the least they could do is help themselves by suing this charlatan into the poorhouse.


The end of the world isn’t happening anytime soon, as far as I can tell. A simple thought that I have on this subject, which I don’t have unless some idiot talks about this subject, is that anyone who thinks the apocalypse will happen while they are around is incredibly self absorbed.

Do you really think that, if the almighty exists, and he created the universe and everyone and everything in it, that somehow he was waiting for you to pop up to bring the party to a conclusion?  After it being around for as long as it has been? Seriously?

Maybe I think about it like that because I’m as self-absorbed as I am.  Nothing wrong with being self-absorbed, so long as it doesn’t hamper anyone else’s life, I say.  If this old goat were a harmless old crack I wouldn’t mind, no else would either.  But he’s got 72,000,000 dollars worth of harmful that he brings to bear, creating this monster of a lie that does nothing but harm the people he thinks of as his “elect”, and gives us more stupidity to live with and deal with, making the world a worse place than it has to be.


Life’s road isn’t so bad, the future is murky but it always is, that never worries me.  My financial life is in turmoil once again, but since when is that NOT an issue?  That’s been a  mess since at least…. I want to say the day I sobered up for real back in 2002, but the real date is probably years before that, might go back to my first job.  I’ve never had luck with money, but I’ve had a good enough life.

Trade-offs.  my life is full of them.  Talent, but no luck.  Peace and happiness, but no money or way to spread that to people, most of whom tend to think of joy as something you can buy, or can get with the help of something you can buy.  Smart, but no way to turn that into anything this world calls meaningful.

Makes me wonder about the world, about what lessons I never learned.


But after thinking that kind of thought, I pick up my guitar and play.  I go run.  I do something, something I do better than most people.  Now if I could only sell those skills…  If only I could convince myself that that is a good thing to do, that the basis of the concept of “sales” is nothing more than corrupt evil people doing wrong to get ahead themselves at the expense of the people they are surrounded with and selling to, making everyone lesser than they have to be as part of the bargain.

But I can’t.  My life, my world, simplistic and dumb as it is, is a gift, and what little I have I give freely, to those few who would readily receive it.


Hell, it ain’t the end of the world.  No worries.  I just need a job, a real job, then I’ll feel better.  Time to go look for one, before I go to sleep.  G’night America.


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