Fired? So What!

I’ve had better days.  I’ve had worse days.  But it is another one of those days which throws my future into much confusion.  I have, for the last month worked as an employee of a company that will not be named, as a copy operator.

Until today.  Today I was fired.

It’s always something with me isn’t it?

This time I found a new wrinkle to add to the concept “fired”  When I was fired, 2 other people got fired along with me.

The circumstances matter little here.  What this does is takes that copy center, and depletes it of 3/4 of it’s personnel.  There were 4 people who worked there, and three were fired.  Geniuses run THAT place., tell ya that.  Why do I say that?  Besides the general problem that exists when you toss 75% of you staff, while the busy season is coming, is that the one person who wasn’t fired is leaving the company next week, for 3 months, on maternity leave.

She has 6 days to train all the personnel in the minutiae of working in the copy center, including delivery of all documents and the like to all the floors to all personnel. When she can’t get around herself.  Oof.

This gives me lulz, to be honest.  The last time I was fired, back in March 2009, it was a heart rending experience.  It hurt.  Those people were like my family, I knew them, all of them.  This?  This was a several week long experiment to see if I could handle getting back into working doing this benightedly evil crap for a pittance of a salary.   A clearly failed experiment at that.  It’s a pity that it cut off several weeks shorter than I had anticipated, but nothing more than that, really.

Plus, unemployment paid about as much as this job, and going back on unemployment, while not good, will at least keep me afloat long enough to find another job.

The questions I am now asking myself are of this general kind.

What line of work should I try to break into?

Where should I look?

Should I push far afield?  Try as far and as much as possible to make sure I NEVER end up in an office again?

I’ll answer what I can now, and leave those I cannot to the future.


What line of work should I try to break into?  Well, I’ll be trying to get back into art handling initially.  A job a man can do with his hands, strong hard work.  Mover is another job I am going to look into, though with  that job you usually do need a drivers license, and I don’t have one.  Construction work would be nice, and sanitation work doesn’t sound too bad, not for someone with a (non-working) nose like mine, who likes throwing crap around.  Pun intended, btw.

Where should I look? Wherever the work is.  Simple answer there.

Should I push far afield?  Damn straight I should.  After working for 2 decades in a copy center, the first job I worked where I wasn’t in one was about the most refreshing change of pace,m job wise that I could have imagined, and I want that feeling once again.  Will I find it?  Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know the future (except to say that the world won’t end on Saturday) but I know that I will try to.  Worst that happens is that I try and fail.  Millions before have blazed that path.  No worries.

One final statement.  NO MORE COPY WORK.  NEVER AGAIN.


That’s it from here, America.  Wish me luck, and have a Good night.


One thought on “Fired? So What!

  1. OK, it’s a big deal, I don’t have a job now, and I want to work. What I was getting at, and I’m hoping it is obvious, is about being forward looking. That it’s about recognizing the crap I got myself into just by working for these crazy people and moving on.

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