What Am I Thankful For?

What am I thankful for?

The love I receive from my wife.

The love I receive from my family.

The peace and serenity I feel most every day. (Don’t fcuk with my peace and serenity, I have precious little of it.)

My two cats, Roddy and Minky.

Liberal politics.

Being a man.

Being a hockey fan.

Being a writer(note I don’t say a good writer.)

My wife.

Being a runner.

Just having legs that work well enough so I can be a runner.

Having a job, for at least the next few hours (expecting issues in that direction after 10:00 am tomorrow, which I will write about after the smoke clears)

Being American.

Sleep. I got enough of it last night, and I’m going to get enough tonight.

Rachel Maddow.


The smell of chocolate chip cookies wafting in from the kitchen.

Not being dead.  That would ruin my whole damn day.

Tex Avery.

Sean Avery.

Not being afraid of a perilous future.

My wife.

Not knowing everything.

Not being a complete idiot.

The New York Yankees.

Being a faux nerd.

Knowing how to play guitar.


Christ died for my sins, but he could have left me a few hundred thousand shares of some company or other.  His pops is connected, he’s prolly got gobs of money in the market. Sell that and I have it made in this world AND the next!  From my perspective, the guy was really not on the ball on this one, gotta tell ya. He half assed it…

Understanding that if there really is an Almighty, he probably as a pretty evolved(ahem..) sense of humor.

My wife.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night!


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