Such is the irresistible nature of truth, that all it asks, and all it wants, is the liberty of appearing. The sun needs no inscription to distinguish him from darkness.

Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man


I am such an old man.  I enjoy watching the news, I have fun thinking about, talking about, and writing about news and politics, and other kooky stuff.  I giggled and guffawed when I read that Mike Huckabee has a new website meant to indoctrinate kids as far as American history is concerned.  He claims it’s to fight the “Blame America First”  attitude in America’s classrooms.

At a hefty profit, I might add.

I am unsure when he started looking into the Un-American activities of these Bolshevik 7 and 8 year olds, who are clearly affected by their communist parents and socialist teachers.  I’m happy that someone is going to be there to tell us what to think of our history, because we clearly have been affected by this whole “Blame America First” crowd.

Wait a second… Isn’t he blaming America for not putting America first?  And what nation are we putting first?  Denmark?  Bolivia?

SRSLY though, I don’t see it.  The Huckster is trying to make money by stealing(for lack of a better term) money from conservative parents, so he can indoctrinate their kids into their political hierarchy.

THAT’S putting America first, isn’t it?

No, it isn’t.

It’s… putting  a small sliver of American political viewpoints in kids heads to the exclusion of anything else in an attempt to indoctrinate them (if the viewpoint was that strong they wouldn’t need to, but that is another point for another time.)  That is almost entirely Un-American.  I’d say completely Un-American, but there is a profit to be made by taking the rubes for all their worth.  Bleed them white, that’s what they’re there for after all, isn’t it?


Link of the day:  National Jukebox.  A great bit of Americana for anyone interested in what Americans thought felt, and listened to a century ago.


Viddy of the day: Oil execs fight to keep tax credits


It was less than a joy to read, and afterwards to watch news about some psychopath saying that repealing tax incentives for oil companies is “Un-American.”  The Psychopaths name? ConocoPhilips CEO Jim Mulva.   And not only did he, in the title of a paper, say that taxes accumulated to assist in the governance of the state in which they work is wrong, he said in that paper that:

1) It would shrink tax revenue.  You show me how adding $2,100,000,000 in tax revenue will somehow drop tax revenue. This schmuck, with all his millions, can’t buy a clue himself?

2) It would cost jobs.  Jobs in the oil industry, with the amount of money they are making, have actually dropped each of the last 5 years. So the claim that jobs will disappear is an empty threat. If they aren’t creating jobs now, they can’t claim that continuing subsidies will create them.

3)  Claimed it would hurt their capacity to invest in new energy technologies.  Since when have they been interested in that?  Show me ONE place where they have shown an OUNCE of interest in new energy technology.  Show me One!  You can’t, because they aren’t interested.  They are interested in oil.  Not wind, not nuclear, not geothermal, nothing but oil.

4) He claimed it would cause prices to rise.  LOL.  Srsly, LULZ.  Oil prices have gone up, along with their profits, over the past decade, and they have shown no inclination towards passing the money they are making, and the savings they get from their subsidies onto the customer.

Jim, a few more cents on top of the $4.00 a gallon you get won’t hurt you long term, and you know we’ll pay, so quit pretending you care.  You don’t and we figured it out.  Plus, people will still have to get from point a to point b, and they’ll still need your shitty stinking oil.  You’ll make your money, quit bitching about us wanting a slice of the pie. We paid for the damn thing, your profits came from our pockets, now we want some of it back, dammit.

Lie to someone else, you crazy bastard.   To claim that it is Un-American for taxpayers to want money from multi-billion dollar corporations is just plain silly and stupid.

And you know something? Maybe wanting an end to these subsidies is discriminatory in their direction, but so what?  Are they not being at least inequitable towards us with their abusive practices which have padded their wallets, making them richer and us poor in a manner that is wholly against the entire concept of free market?


I don’t like any of these people, or what they are doing.  If that makes me Un-American, then I’m fine with that.  With that said, I am at least as good an American as any of them.  I stand for something different than they do, though.  I, and millions of others like me, stand for more than profits and manipulation. We have morals, unlike Mike and these twisted oil tycoons.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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