April 2011 Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the content from April 2011′s Random Thoughts.  Enjoy!


Anagram:  April Fools Day/ Or Display Loaf/ I Spy Oaf, Dollar/ For A Solid Play/ Floods Airplay/ Sadly Frail Poo/ Royals Do Pilaf/ For Disloyal Pa  (4/1)


I can’t pay the rent on time, not enough $$$$ in the bank.   Just got a job.  It’s a temp job, only making $13 an hour, but it’s a 40 hour a week job.  These two events happening nearly simultaneously do not seem like coincidence.  Always get some money, never seem to get enough to actually live a halfway decent life.  Go fig.  (4/1)


It’s a little after 4 pm saturday afternoon.  Mid fifties temp-wise.  A little bit windy.  It is beautiful out, but I sit inside the apartment with my wife.  I am waiting for her to finish eating before we go out to do stuff.  After we get to that will I be able to go do the one thing I want to do.  Run.  But the wait is a good thing.  The park will be packed most of the day, so waiting until late to run on a day like today is not a bad thing, most of the people who would be out will be gone when I go run.  (4/2)


First day on the new job wasn’t actually on the job.  Orientation, telling me things that I already know about subjects which are pure common sense.  But they paid me for a full days work to do it, so no big deal.  (4/4)


First day actually on the job was actually pretty easy, except for this one program they have to run jobs.  Prisma sumthin or other.  Pain in the ass, but… let me put it like this, the other people there don’t really know how to work it either, so… no big deal.  (4/5)


FYI:  I am 5 foot ten.  Barely.  5 foot 9 and a half would be closer to the truth. I say that to say this.  It just happens that I saw Ronnie Lott today.  He listed in his playing days as 6 foot tall.   Nope.  I looked him in the eye as we were walking by, and his eyes and mine were dead even.  He’s 5’10″ at best.  (4/6)


The Borders at 57th and park is closing it’s doors next Saturday.  Everything is on sale.  Bookshelves included.  Bought two books that would have normally cost over 36 bucks, got’em for $6.  Nice.  Not much in the way of music selection though.  All the good stuff was already bought. (4/7)


No government shutdown.  Good.  I’d would have had to put my foot in someone’s ass if that’d happened.  Too many people need help thanks to the great recession and it’s after-effects to just let services go because these damn republicans hate planned parenthood.  That was a sticking point with them, a rider they wanted in, no more planned parenthood funding.  Fuck them.  Planned Parenthood is more important to America than the Republican party is.  Seriously, fuck the Republicans, self centered assholes.  (4/8)


RANGERS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!    WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!  Now we get to play the Capitals the….best team in the east.  We’ve beaten them this year, we can do it again.  (4/9)


Anagram:  Thank God It’s Monday/ And His Knotty Dogma/ Think Dogmata Synod/ Tom Thinks Add Agony/ Good Damn Stinky Hat/ Goddamn It, Thanks Yo! (4/11)


I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, dear world, to oil prices.  I have.  They’ve been higher than hell for a while and it looks like there is no relief in sight.  One guess as to why.  Oil speculators are driving the prices up.  Has to be, the issue with Libya is, while a major catastrophe, not a big issue as far as oil itself is concerned. There is no real reason, outside of speculators moving the market (that I can see) for the price to continue to be as high as it is.  $110 a barrel is FAR too high for oil as things currently sit. (4/13)


Finally paid my Con Ed and my Cable/phone/internet bill, both late, one by a day, the other by too much time for me to willingly admit.  Hate doing things that way, but money issues popped up, and I had to deal with them, making paying even those important bills late necessary.  (4/14)


Coolest thing ever.  A million jokes abound about Jon Kyl and his NOT INTENDED TO BE A FACTUAL STATEMENT stupidity.  Regardless of what this numbnuts does now, he’s gonna have this joke attached to him for a while.  This should be fun!  (4/15)


Broke my cell phone’s screen today.  While out in the rain, put it in my mouth (idiot that I am) to hold it while fumbling with groceries and an umbrella in my hands.  It wouldn’t turn off so I couldn’t put it in my pocket.  Kept butt dialing people, which is why I had to hold it where I did.  Must’ve bit down on it, cause the screen is a mess now.  I can still read texts and whatnot, but it IS a mess.  Dammit, this thing is new too.  (4/16)


Anagram:  Let’s Go Rangers/ Stoner Gargles/ Ego Stranglers/ Regret Slogans/ Long Ass Regret/ Roger Sent Gals/ Rogers Tan Legs/ Err…Goals, Gents!  (4/17)


Anagram: Long Time Gone/ Egg Tom Online/ Noggin Omelet/ No Legit Gnome/ Gin Let Me Go On/ No Melting Ego (4/27)


I just finished watching the White House Correspondents dinner.  It was great.  Almost one hour of it was non stop Donald Trump/Birth Certificate/ Joe Biden jokes.  Best bit?  The Donald was there, and he looked pissed. Brother Donald got lit up like a Christmas tree, and he was none too happy about it.  Go check it out on YouTube or C-span.  It’s well worth the view.  Seth Meyers was funny as hell!  Better than Colbert on his famous stint a few years back. (4/30)


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