Now, That’s Funny

I had some fun tonight, watching the White House correspondent’s dinner.  I mean I had other fun as well, but  I really enjoyed watching the dinner.  For those not in the know, it is a dinner that is meant to give awards to journalists, and has become an annual presidential roast on top of the awards given out.

The last few years have really been very funny, with perhaps the most famous roast being the roasting of Dubya by Stephen Colbert.  But I tell ya, I think Seth Meyers outdid even Mister Colbert.  The President and Seth both lit up Donald Trump something fierce.  The Donald even said beforehand that the President wouldn’t talk about him.  Wrong.  I…  I… Fuck it, just watch. It’s funny.  Courtesy of C-Span.

The Donald actually makes this work, by being stone faced most of the time.   And if you thought the Presidents few one liners were about Trump were good, You should watch Seth Meyers, the man built much of his routine on Trump, and “the donald” looked pissed.  It was great, that buffoon deserved the ass-whipping he got tonight. The viddy presentation he did with on “The President’s Speech” was friggin hilarious.


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.


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