Monday Is Funday

Been beating the hell out of myself the last hour or two.  I went running just before 7 pm, maybe 25 minutes after I got home from work, and I began pushing hard during the run the moment I found the energy to do it, all of three minutes into a 42+ minute run.  It was a hill run, which means that pushing hard was harder than usual, and I was pretty damn fast at that. 5.62 miles in 42½ minutes.  Not too shabby for a hill run.

When I got home, I immediately began making dinner, and getting ready to work out.  The cooking’s kinda easy, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and the meatloaf was frozen prepared meatloaf.  Part I:  Turn on oven.  Part II:  Put the Meat on a cooking sheet.  Part III Put the meat on a sheet in the oven.  Part IV:  Take the food out of the oven before it burns.  Simple.

So I could, while the oven did the work, get to breaking a sweat.  Which I immediately did.  I began doing beginner knuckle push-up burpees.  These things are pretty much squat thrusts with a knuckle push up at the tail end of the movement.  Burpees usually have a jump at the top of the movement.  I don’t do that for 2 reasons.  One, I don’t think the jump is good for my knees, I beat the hell out of them to begin with, and two, I live on the second floor of an apartment.  I do not think the landlord would approve.  Since I don’t have the cash saved to get a new place, I won’t push unnecessarily…  I did these things 50 at a time.  Broke a serious sweat

Doing them that fast, and doing them with very short breaks makes the work really difficult.  It is about the only exercise I know of, and do, that is as energy intensive as running.  I found myself pushing so hard I actually began to lose fine motor control, my aim was really off, and I felt like I could not properly grasp something as simple as a water bottle.  I damn near bonked.

Which is kind of fun for me.  That lets me know that I have absolutely topped out, and I can’t push any harder, and that the tank is damn near empty.

That hit on what was to be the final set, which is where I intended on stopping. But with a near bonk happening, I decided to toss in an extra set.  After about 17 reps, my aim began to go.  I banged against a chair on my right in the middle of a movement, then began to move towards one on my left.  I began creeping up towards a table in front of me. All of this is very abnormal for me, I am usually spot on I had to close my eyes and stop momentarily.

The world swam for a second, and I could feel it turning.  After a few seconds it stopped. I smiled, and began again where I had left off.  It was easy after that, finishing off that last set.  But the fine motor control was still not 100%.  I knocked over a glass of soda trying to grab it as well as a bottle of water, and walked around for a minute stumbling ever so slightly, like I had drank ½ a bottle of Vodka.

I am So beat right now.  Luckily for me I am going to sleep in a little while.


That’s it from here America.  G’night


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