Just A Few Viddys

I wanted to say, before I get things started here, that I am almost sorry about yesterday’s post.


Almost because the concept it was born of was pretty damn funny, but lost something in translation.  Perhaps it would have been better if I had just made it a small piece of a larger post. Still, it’s not bad, but I wrote it without getting the outline of the piece together properly.  It could have been better, and I may re-visit the concept at some point.


On with the viddys. Being a fan of the man formerly known as Davis Fleetwood aka “the Hermit” (real name Dennis Trainor as I recall) I decided that today’s viddys should be from the man’s youtube page no cure for that, he also has a website with the same name.  Always funny (unlike me) and topical, i’ve grown over time to respect the mans opinion as well as his style.



Viddy of the day, part 1: The Real Reason for War in Libya.   


Viddy of the day part 2: ROYAL WEDDING FIASCO


Might toss out an article later on, if I have the time and feel the need, America.  If not, I’ll see ya tomorrow.


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