One Word, Sixty Seconds

There’s a writing exercise I’ve done on occasion, saw it on-line somewhere or other, and I’ve decided, since I am short on time, to do that exercise here once or twice.  The exercise is simple.  Pick a word, any word.  Write about that one word for 60 seconds.

See what happens.  Sounds fun, yes?  It is. Let’s begin.



Sweat is love.  Sweat is what I live for when my wife isn’t around.  It is the smell of success, it puts the fun in funk.  I like sweating the way some people seem to love tanning.  It makes my wife wretch, but that’s ok.  I don’t mind…


That 60 seconds seemed… short.  But then again, I am used to writing for long swaths of time, 60 seconds is a very short amount of time for me.  Especially with the way I type.  Hunt and peck isn’t really conducive to getting a lot of thoughts out really fast.  lulz.  Next up…



I stumbled out of bed this morning after a far too short sleep and having that short sleep interrupted by my cat, who seems to think I am his personal pillow.  I stumble like that a lot though, waking up at 5 am isn’t exactly something I love doing…


Dammit, that seemed to go even faster.  One more time.


Viddy of the day: The Beatles/ In my life:



Metallica has been my favorite band for a long time, but they weren’t always.  The beatles were my faves when I was growing up.  I really came to respect everyone in bands like these guys when I was in one myself, and found out the hard way that bands are about more than music, they are about the personalities behind the music, and…


Just for the record I have been using a few websites to get the words I’ve been using here.  Including this random word generator.   Now to add a note here, I almost feel like apologizing for the writing above.  It is supposed to be a creative writing exercise, and the above is about as creative as spam, and about as tasty.  Perhaps I need to use that exercise more, and get in touch with something more deeply creative in myself.

Or maybe I need to extend the exercise a bit.  Make it a 5 minute exercise instead of just 60 seconds.  I type too slowly and badly to pull off anything creative in that short a time.

It was fun, but next time I extend the time I use on single concepts.  Might do that tomorrow, I’ll see what happens.


Pic of the day: Ecco Homo, by Titian


That’s it from here, America.  G’night.

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