Can 59 Republicans Be Wrong?

I like reading the news.  It offers a glimpse of the world that shows what is going on beyond our own noses, and shows us the larger world in all it’s splendor.  That look isn’t always good for everyone, and it doesn’t always reflect well on us as a people.

The number of Republicans made republicans in general and America in particular look bad today.

The budget fight ended today with a vote on the floor of the house, but 59 Republicans voted against it.  John Boehner actually needed the Democrats to vote for it in order to get the compromise that he and the President hammered out through the house.  House majority whip Kevin McCarthy is apparently not doing his job.  He’s the guy who is supposed to ride herd on his people and get them to vote the way the party needs things to go.

Now independence is a good thing, but this was clearly an attempt on the part of the right wing nut jobs to hijack the system, and try to stop the government from working properly.

If you hate government, that’s great, fine, wonderful.  We can have a beer and talk about it, and probably agree on a fair bit of it, no matter how far right you are, no matter how far away you and I are on the political map from each other ideologically.  But if you really dislike government enough to try to undermine the fabric of this agreement, even after John Boehner, a man who is about as far right leaning as the House has seen in a Speaker, got the  deal you were looking for a scant few weeks ago, then you are being an asshole for the sake of being one.

It would be a  minor issue, except for the Democrats coming to the rescue of the American people and pulled Boehner’s(and everyone else’s) bacon out of the fire.  If it weren’t for the left, the right would have shut the government down, and that would have hurt millions for no good reason.

And with the more controversial (with the right) debt ceiling vote coming up, be assured you have not heard the last of the government hating government employees known as the neocon/ tea party representatives, and their un-American horsecrap


Pic of the day:  Cafe Terrace at night, Vincent Van Gogh, 1888


That’s it from here, America.  Go to sleep.

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