Looks like there’ll be no government shutdown. 

Good.  I was looking forward to having a reason to riot tomorrow, after doing laundry and food shopping and the like.  But no riot means I have time to do things that don’t involve throwing molotov cocktails at Mike Grimm’s office.  Like run, exercise, and clean the house, not get arrested for rioting(which has got to be a little illegal, ya know?)  


No politics tonight, just some Meshuggah lyrics and music, and a pretty picture of hell.


Actual writing tomorrow.  Promise


Lyrics to the Song Combustion, by Meshuggah off of the album Obzen, 2008

No more ifs, no bias, no ambiguity
No wondering whether this is it
Clarity so brightly wrong
The image so painfully absolute

No edges blurred on this awareness
No unknown weight to tip the knowledge scales
Eyes dilated to grasp it all
As every illusion of what we are fails

An unquestionable picture – determined, complete
Its crystalline lines untouched by doubt
So vivid, so deprived of hesitation
Shining in its evil splendor



The burning hatred of man
A million degrees on display
Human voracity delineated
The demons in us all by fumes portrayed

Stare, see, take in, grasp
Comprehend, assimilate, behold your reflection

Its framing – gold plated lies
The canvas – hurting souls caught and weaved
The artist – the human dream
Incinerated, devoured, deceived


Pic of the day:  Fallen Angels In Hell, by John Martin, circa 1841


That’s it from here, America.


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