A Quick One Before A Short Night’s Sleep

I’ve been busy most of the day.  Busy having my last day off, relaxing and enjoying myself before my first day of regular full-time work since November 12th last year. 

I’ve drafted a fantasy baseball team.

I put in for my last unemployment payment I am going to need, hopefully for a while, hopefully ever. 

I walked around the house while listening to the Rangers/Flyers game in the afternoon after the baseball draft, and it was the Flyers feed I was listening to.  That was annoying yet fun.

I woke up super early and went running and did my exercise for the day.  Had fun sweating my ass off.

I got my clothes together for my first day of work, got my food ready, got my everything together for work tomorrow. 


Viddy of the day:  Banned Speech: Hillel Neuer Takes on U.N. Human Rights Council.  This video has nothing to do with anything in this article.


How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.

Henry David Thoreau


I would have written something more about the war in the Ivory Coast, but I got started late here, and since I have to go to sleep in a little while, I will forgo my normal news writing. 

I have in truth been writing like this for a few weeks, less complete stories, less long form in depth stories, more short blasts of news and commentary on many subjects, much more scattershot than usual.  To be honest I dislike writing like this, but circumstances alter the way I write.  I can only write the longer form, more in-depth stuff when I have time to do the research. 

I may end up writing less frequently, but more in depth so I can maintain some standard for my writing.


Pic of the day:  Leonardo Da Vinci; portrait of musician Franchino Gaffurio


I am calling it a night America.  G’night.


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