So It Goes

Well, well.  Seems that not every war in Africa gets the same press that Libya does.  Guess oil gets press coverage.

Now I won’t say that the war in Ivory Coast hasn’t been covered, it has, just not as much as the Libyan conflict, or the rest of the Arab spring revolutions.  But what is happening there is deserving of coverage. 

Thousands have fled the city of Duekoue, after over 800 people were killed in what seems to be ethnic violence that pitted the forces of the incoming president, Alassane Ouattara, the legitimate leader of that nation, and those of Laurent Gbagbo, who was voted out, but simply does not want to go.

The forces of Mr. Ouattara are moving into position to take the city of Abidjan, the nations economic hub, where Mr Gbagbo is now holed up. The Irish times reports that there are concerns that this could turn into a bloody protracted battle.

As Billy Pilgrim was wont to say ” So it goes.”


Viddy of the day:  Ivory Coast: Rival forces battle for control of Abidjan


Well, well.  Seems that the job market is getting better.  And yet…

The average workers pay is stagnant, and has been for a long time.  CEO pay went up 27% last year, while average workers pay is up only 2.1%.  Companies are making more money now than at any time since before the great recession of 2007/08, whose effects are still rippling through the economy.  And yet the people who make the products that make America great, the people who do the real work, get shafted.

Tis that Republican mindset, methinks, which begs a question. 

Explain to me why people elected republicans who are hell-bent on giving money to the rich and taking it from the middle class again?  All the negativity on the economic front in this nation is due directly to these conservatives and their Dollar first America second bullshit attitude.

They can’t be helped though, they are the evil endemic to the chicago school of economics that their masters adhere to. 

As Billy Pilgrim was wont to say ” So it goes.”


A wretched soul, bruis’d with adversity,
We bid be quiet, when we hear it cry;
But, were we burden’d with like weight of pain,
As much or more we should ourselves complain.

William Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors, act ii, scene i


Pic of the day:  Fall of the Damned, Jheronimous Bosch, Circa 1490


Well, well.  Seems that my persistence has finally paid off. 

I have a job.  And yet…

It isn’t the best job in the world.  I am working again as a copy operator, again beginning on the lowest rung of the ladder, again making shit money.  $13 an hour to do work I hate.  But it is a job, and that is really what I was looking for. But there is a problem even here. 

It’s a temp gig.  Full time, but temp.  Which means two of the most important criterion for on my job hunt have not been met.  One, I want to be permanent! Two, I want health insurance for me and my wife.  Which means only one thing.

The job search continues.  As Billy Pilgrim was wont to say ” So it goes.”


Well, well.  Seems that my inability to land a full-time permanent job has finally gotten me in hot water.

I had to write a letter to my landlord, telling him that I am unable to pay the rent now.  Told him I could write him one check now and another next week, or just wait until next week and give him the whole amount then.  I haven’t heard from him.  Yet.

I haven’t paid the electric bill, that is overdue as well.

The debt saddle is still on my back.  As Billy Pilgrim was wont to say ” So it goes.”


That’s it from here, America. Write to ya tomorrow.

Minor edit (one sentence segue added, section 2) 4/2/11   3:25 pm. EDT

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