March 2011 Random Thoughts

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the content from March 2011’s Random Thoughts.  Enjoy!


Newt Gingrich is putting together an exploratory committee for a potential run for the White House in 2012.  The first big name republican candidate to do so.  Being a liberal, I like this.  The man is a magnet for controversy, and has proven in past to be quite polarizing on most subjects.  This’ll work against him.  He’ll have some conservatives with him, the ones that don’t like either Romney and Huckabee (when they join the fray in the next few months.) Which means he’ll be helping divide an already divided conservative party, splintering the right.  Go Newt!  (3/1)


March is here, and…. I’m not impressed.  Still feels like February out there.  Cold, windy, really friggin stupid politics from the right, garbage never getting picked up on time, no money, no job, basically stuck at home.  March had better do some really nice stuff for me, or I’m gonna get really pissed!     (3/1)


Almost punched some guy walking his dog in the face while running today. Trying to touch a lamp-post that I hit, just because I always do, that lamp-post marks the ½ way point on the trail, and this little guy, walking this rat of a dog, at the last second dove underneath and stood almost on top of the post.  Tried touching it anyway, while avoiding the rat walker, and almost punched him in the head.  Annoyed me then, amuses me now.    (3/2)


YAY!  Oil is over $100 a barrel!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!  Oh wait.. that sucks.  Shit…  (3/2)


YAY!!!!  The market is up over 160 points!  Why? Because!  Oil is down to $101 a barrel!!!!  WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!  Umm… wait a sec… haven’t we done this before?

This, despite it’s being silly on it’s face, is part of the reason given for the market surge in a bloomberg story this morning.  Apparently oil went up a whole dollar per barrel whilst I was sleeping, and must have just come down to 101 bucks per.   Or maybe the people at Bloomberg are high and out of their minds. 

Oil has jumped $17 a barrel since this whole middle east revolutionary saga began a little more than a month ago and has fluctuated wildly over the last few days.  The market surge has more to do with very impressive jobs numbers. (3/3)


I have a job interview Monday at noon!  Not gonna say where or with who, don’t wanna jinx nothin, but it’s for an art handler position!  Nice!

I also have work tomorrow night, after not having any work all week.  At least I’ll get a few extra bucks in my pocket.  (3/3)


I was expecting a full 8 hour day at work today.  Went in, and there wasn’t all that much work in house.  I milked it, and still only worked for 5 hours.  Nothing wrong wth working for 5 hours, but 8 would have been better.  (3/4)


Had a job interview yesterday with the people over at Christie’s.  The more I think about it, the more I am simply not sure how well I did.  I am hoping at this point that that is simply me just being antsy about them not simply saying, “yes, you have Sotheby’s experience, please come work with us” immediately.  (3/8)


I haven’t held a permanent full time job in almost exactly 2 years.  I think that is drastically affecting my viewpoint in this particular circumstance.  I am also coming up on one year since Sotheby’s brought me on to temp.  Lots of work related stuff has happened for me in March the past 2 years.  Hoping a permanent hire is in the works this March.  Working hard for it. (3/8)


This story is silly.  This story is stupid.  This story is not a surprise.  This story is not a surprise eitherThis story is slanted, stupid bullshit. (3/9)


Just saw a headline that made me giggle.  Some idiot at HP said something about saving his companies “soul”.  That gives me lulz. People do not have souls, not, at least, as far as I can tell.  Companies do not have souls, no way, no how.  You are a monkey that evolved to walk on two legs, that learned to talk, and occasionally think, and figured out how to not shit yourself too often.  Don’t get all looney tune with your “soul” bullshit there, go eat a banana and relax. (3/10)


I like yesterday’s rant.  Short and to the point.  A bit over the top perhaps, not sure if it is or not,  but since when is over the top a problem?  The meek inherit early graves, just like the rest of us, so why be meek? Your foes can’t mistake meekness for weakness if you show them none. (3/10)


I am on facebook entirely too damned much.  I am making a concerted effort to avoid using it at this point in my day.  I am finding that I really do want to go to facebook to see who is doing what, what kind of things are going on with the games that I play there, and see the latest bullshit meme, and find out who has been hit with Charlie Sheen malware. 

Fucking silly bullshit.  Facebook is nothing more than an exercise in Gamification.  Bastards. (3/12)


From the ”Mikey needs to hire an editor” file.  When I put together last nights “12 notes” article, I made the mistake of taking a headline from an older “12 notes” and cutting and pasting it into the beginning of the article, with the intention of altering two things about it, the title and the lesson number.  I never changed the lesson number. 

Didn’t catch that until this morning.  And because I had just woken up when I caught it, I went to click on edit, missed, and clicked on the LIKE button instead.  I happen to think lesson 15 is about the worst put together lesson I’ve put out there, but it also happens to be the only one i’ve actually “Liked”.  Dammit! 

Senior moments already and I’m not even a senior.  Aw, Shit! (3/13)


I have applied for 8 jobs today.  Not enough, but it is about as much as is out there.  Time to start contacting agencies again.  They didn’t work before, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work this time. (3/13)


Applied for work at several agencies today.  Hopefully this makes the job search more fruitful. (3/14)


I just received the following from the people I interviewed with:

At this point we are considering
another applicant for the Art Handler position. However, we will keep you in
mind for any other opportunities that may arise.

Dammit.  God DAMMITWHAT am I doing wrong? (3/14)

Minor AssholeMajor Asshole. (3/15)


Anagram:  Nuclear Reactor/Clear Raconteur/ Roar Reluctance/ Cruel Arcane Rot/ Real Cancer Rout/ Our Clear Trance  (3/16)


Haven’t written here in a while.  Not by design or anything, just been busy with life, trying to find work without success, trying to help my wife feel better who has been nothing but feeling like crap for the last month, feeling like the world is about to collapse on me because I never have enough money, the unemployment is about to run out, and the bankruptcy hearing is coming up.  It isn’t a wonderful life, George Bailey.  Sometimes, it sucks. 🙂   (3/22)


I just found a post written by an asshole.  Read it here.  (3/26)


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