Poverty Sucks

The money is running out.  I didn’t work  at my very part time On-call data processor job from March 4th until the 23rd.   The unemployment ran out at one point, and only got a partial payment from them for the final week, last week, on my first installment of unemployment.  I worked two days last week, and as a consequence could only claim 2 days on unemployment, and the work I did last week I won’t get paid for until the second week of April.  And the tax check, which my wife and I would have otherwise depended on in this circumstance, has already been spent.

All of which means that money, which was at a premium and hard to come by to begin with, is now running so short that we won’t be able to pay my rent on time, and will probably have to pay the electric bill late as well.

Hope the landlord and the electric company are forgiving.  T’would suck mightily if we had to go without electricity, or, even worse, got the boot from here. 

Poverty sucks.

But there is some good news, The people at the place I interviewed at yesterday said that I was hired, and all I had to do was fill out the on-line application and they would accept it and my orientation would begin on Monday and work would begin on Tuesday.  The reason for the paperwork being filled out after the interview was because I sent in my resume and got their attention through Careerbuilder, but did not use their in house application process.  I didn’t know I had to.  Twas kinda funny not filling in paperwork before the interview, but I thought they would have me handle it at some point, which they now are.

Although, they still haven’t contacted me yet about it, and they said they would.  I am not pleased by this, but can do nothing about it.  I still have the part time job, even if it is very part time.  I am at the moment waiting for them to call me.  The other guy I work with told me he’d call me and let me know when to come in.  Notice I said when and not if

I need cash, don’t have enough time to make money by selling what few things I have that I can sell (gotta do things right, can’t half ass it or it won’t sell at all.) And even if I did, I’m not sure they’d fetch enough to help.

This sucks. 


More later, America.  Get back to work, you lucky dogs.


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