Wake Up/Interview

I woke up early after getting to sleep late.  In bed at 1:00am, toss and turn for an hour or two, I remember turning over and looking at the clock after laying down, eyes closed, just feeling my heart beat, feeling the coldness of my toes, and the sweat from the rest of my body, and watching the clock turn 2:28.  Groaned when I saw that, turned over, and after feeling my heart beat slow down sufficiently, and my toes warming after some time finally fell asleep.

Then the alarm went off.  6:30 am.  Ug.  I feel my knees creak as I get out of bed to begin the day. Take my first step. Good enough, beats not being able to.  The next few have me  walking like I’m drunk, listing hard to port when trying to turn to starboard.  Bump into a guitar, then the bed. 

Stop.  Hold onto bedpost.  Close eyes.  Refocus.  The world stops wobbling.  Much better.

Walk out of the bedroom without bumping into anything, and straight into a light as blinding as the sun.  Or so it seemed, the “sun” was actually the living room lights, still on because my wife stayed awake all night long.  What doing I don’t know and I won’t ask, it’s her life, but she’s stayed awake all night. She’s says good morning.   I mutter something, and get ready to make coffee. 

Cats follow, they know when I make the coffee I get them food.  I am popular with the cats around here for that kind of dependability.  They purr, I give them a skritch, make the coffee, feed the cats.  I don’t mix those up, which makes us happy.  Caffeinated cat does not sound like fun.

After cleaning up the left over cat food from the previous feeding (messy bastards) and feeding them, I am starting to feel semi-human.  Kiss the wife, say “good morning, hun!” I see she’s on her laptop, as always and tv going in the background, as always.  She lives on that laptop, it makes her money.  Not enough for my purposes, but she makes money.  I don’t ask if she was working, because she might not have been, and it’s none of my business anyway, we’re both adults responsible for ourselves.

I finish off ½ of the pot of coffee, hang out with the wife for a minute.  Then I get to the reason I’m awake this early.  I print out my resume so I can go to my interview.  Interview for an assistant manager position.  Hope springs eternal, or some such.  Get ready for that, clean up, get dressed.  Try my best to remove the layer of cat fur from my clothes, with only limited success. 

Looking sharp, as I always do when I go out to interview.  With the long dark jacket, crew cut, light blue shirt, dark blue jacket with black and silver diamond patterned tie and black gloves, I cut an impressive figure as I leave. Kiss my wife good bye, she tells me to break a leg, and good luck, and I purposely mix the two up to get a laugh. Telling my wife to “break a luck” when we are both tired is humor that works.  The response to good leg i’ll keep to myself. 

Cats don’t get jokes, and look at her in hopes of getting treats.  Not right after breakfast they don’t. 

All smiles as I leave, my wife to sleep eventually, me to my interview.

The commute in went without incident, too tired to notice it overmuch, just enough noise, even with headphones on, to keep me awake. 

Get there 15 minutes early, just like I like to. Smile as I meet  “Deedee”, the receptionist.  Surprised by no paperwork to do. Usually there are a few docs that they ask you to fill out.  None.  Curious, but not curious enough to ask.  She asks if I want coffee, I say no thanks. I usually never pass up coffee, but not today.  I don’t know why I did, I just did.  The woman I was supposed to meet is running late, and I am going to meet someone else. 

No worries.

The guy “Chuck”, a regional manager, is a nice guy, we just chew the fat for a few minutes.  Turns out he worked at a place I used to work at a decade after I worked there.  We get to the meat of the interview. After speaking about my experience, and what they need for about 20 minutes, it seems that I have most of the skills he is looking for. 

Except, it turns out that it also involves, on top of the stuff I do know, knowledge of medical coding and the like, which I have never done.  So no go with the assistant manager gig. 

Dammit.  It’s always something…

He tells me he wants me to speak to the woman I was supposed to speak to in the first place.

They have other accounts, including a very large new one, but no word on any assistant manager type gigs I came for.

Second interview at the same place with the woman I was supposed to meet with initially.  She won’t shake my hand.  Standoffish, Cold fish, won’t make eye contact,  the way she is sitting indicates to me that she would rather be anywhere but in the room with me.  No sweat.  I’ve dealt with this as well.  Speak when spoken to, smile, try to put her at ease.  Very deferential in tone and speech and body language.  The interview portion with her lasts all of two minutes. She says she may have something else for me, would I mind waiting a few minutes for some one else.

I need a job dammit, you think I’m just walking away? is what I think, but don’t say. What I say is “No worries, It was nice talking to you!”

Big smile!

I end up waiting for over a half hour. I meet another man, from the same company, but who works at a different site, who tries to convince me to jump into work with him temporarily, just to get my foot in the door… 

I’ve heard this spiel before, and it was old the first time I heard it.

I am close enough to unemployed, on-call doesn’t quite fit the basic concept employment I was brought up using, so I am listening, even though I know what’s coming.  Offer for an interview at a job that pays significantly less, is at another satellite office (i.e. somewhere else) sometimes temp, sometimes part time, no benefits, no nothing.

100% right, and it’s temp, this one covering for a pregnant worker who is going out to give birth to her child.  No money is mentioned.  Interview Tuesday, 10:00 am. 

Much as I am expecting a very lowball offer, I will go.  And I will NOT sign for anything less than what I am making now. 


I am…well… not unemployed, even though I’ve said that here a few times.  A part time gig with no benefits where I have no control over how many hours I work, where I spent two +weeks out because they didn’t have any work is not what I want.  But it is as close to unemployed as you can get and still potentially get a paycheck of some small miserable type.

Don’t wish me luck.  Wish me success.


That’s it from here, America.  Go to bed.


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