Work, Money, And Sweat

I sent in a large number of resumes to a large number of different places.  Sent two to a place, for two different jobs, union jobs both, one a maintenance job, the other a groudskeeper/porter.  Sounded good to me, it’s a job, a union job, which means decent benefits and decent pay.  It’s in midtown manhattan, which is nice, I know the area, I’ve worked there for over 2 decades. 

I sent in resumes for other jobs, some copy center stuff.  There really aren’t a lot of openings in that area anymore, so when they open up, I try my best to get my resume in to them quickly.  I sent in one to a place to be a porter.  Same as the first two resume sends I mentioned, except it is for a different company.

I sent an e-mail to an agency I think I sent a resume to last year.  They had nothing on their site, which had job listings attached to it, but I asked if they thought it prudent for me to send them a resume, seeing how they have no jobs listed for my particular area of expertise.  Sounds silly, I know, I should just send it.  I will later, but not until I hear from them.  It would be a compounding one silly act with another one to send it without at least hearing from them first, seeing how I asked if they would like it.

I sent in a number of resumes after a number of hours of searching through on-line want ads and the like last week.  Total call backs: Zero.



Before I did any of that, I sent a document to the new york state department of labor. They said I had a break in my unemployment claim, which I did, for a whole week.  When I was training at the place where I am employed but not working (i’ll get to it in a paragraph or 2) I had two weeks where I worked partial weeks, and one week where I worked 5 days.  that one week where I worked a full work week I told unemployment that I had not found full time work, but that I had in fact worked for the week, and made more than x amount of dollars, which means I would be eligible for no money from them.

I like not getting money from them.  It means that I have money coming in myself, always a happy thing.  They said it was a break in the claim, and asked me to explain.  Happy to.  Sent them the info, which I also did on-line, but since they sent the hard copy,I sent that to them as well.  As they ask, so shall they receive.  I got the doc on Friday, sent it in to them today.  The doc did say they wanted it by today though. 

Hope this isn’t a problem, I got it to them as soon as I could.  I’ll call them friday, see if they got it.


Riches are a good handmaid, but the worst mistress.
Wealth is a good servant, a very bad mistress
L’argent est un bon serviteur, et un méchant maître
Money is a good servant, a dangerous master.

Francis Bacon, De Dignitate et Augmentis Scientiarum


Viddy of the day: US ‘Well Ahead of Pace’ Doubling Exports, Says Trade Rep. Kirk  A bit off topic, but so what? 


I love my job, it’s the work that I hate is a line that I often used at my old job when I was a copy operator/supervisor.  I wish I could say the same now.  The place went out of it’s way to train me. I worked hard, I busted my ass making sure I had everything down, knew the procedures backwards and forwards.  Training ended before the beginning of March. 

I have worked one day, for 5 hours, since.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t exactly sound like employment to me.  That however is the state of my employment. I am an “on-call” employee, meaning they’ll call me when they need me.  Apparently, they don’t need me.  I need them though, I’ll tell you that.  I wait by the phone everyday waiting for them to call, so I can tell them I can work.  And they persist in their continual lack of need for my services.



After sending out the NYSDOL paperwork and looking for work, I went running, then I exercised.  The run was the longest run I’ve had in several weeks, and the first run at a semi respectable distance I have run without pain since… December?  Early January?  Something like that.  Felt good to just let rip for an hour on the paths, even if the first day of spring was less spring like than any that have gone before in the last week.  Weather means not a damn to me. 

When I am healthy, pain free and running, the weather is itself a non factor.  It could be 12 degrees or 98, and i’m fine with running in it.  Wind can be a factor, and that I don’t ignore, but only because I always push harder into the wind.  It’s a great training tool, increasing effort into the wind, only hill running is a more effective training tool.

And 250 knuckle push up burpees finished the sweat off nicely. No not all at once.  10 sets of 25, with 60 second rests between.  I’m in half way decent shape, I’m not in THAT good physical shape to do that all at once.

Yet.  That day is coming, though.


But I wonder how much difference being in good physical condition matters.  If it doesn’t help me make money, I could have all the muscle in the world, be the most fit 43 year old on earth, and if it does not help me lift my wife and I from the grip of poverty, it matters not a damn to anyone, and does no one any damn good at all. 

Part of the reason I run and exercise is to keep myself moving, get me out of the house with the running, and out of my seat at the computer when I’m working out.  My philosophy in most ways consists of two words:  Keep moving.

Part of the reason I do it is that most of the jobs I do apply for do require some physical strength, all of the work I do is physical, only parts of the job involve sitting down in front of some screen, or yakking on the phone, or talking to people.  I tend to do work that involves sweat. Hence a love affair with sweat, once I realized I had the capacity to enjoy it, which first hit me back in… 2002?  Something like that.

Part of the reason I do it is… well… I’m addicted to it, really. 


That’s it from here America. Go to sleep.


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