The Basics

It’s about 10:00 pm as I start up tonight’s article, with CNN playing in the background, and I am sitting with my back to it, listening to the reporters there talk to each other about what they each are hearing.  Some are hearing explosions and anti-aircraft fire, some are hearing people talk about hearing it, and asking questions about it.    This much is known

The Americans (and British) are at this point hitting C&C with tomahawk missiles, and they have 5 combat ships in the area, 2 guided missile destroyers, 2 amphibious warships and one c&c ship.  The U.S. Navy says it also has 3 submarines in the area with Tomahawk missiles.  The United States also has a number of planes and bases in the area, but it is uncertain how many of these resources will be used.  No American planes are at this point taking part in any air missions, though planes have been deployed.

Canada has one warship, the HMCS Charlottetown there, as well as aircraft, though those aircraft are not yet ready for combat, and won’t be for 24 to 48 hours.

Italy has offered much assistance.  Combat aircraft, including Tornado fighters, Eurofighters, and F-16’s, have been moved up to forward positions at the closest base to Libya, Trapani, in western Sicily, as well as a number of other bases on the island of Sicily.

France is using 20 of it’s aircraft, based on the island of Corsica.  Those aircraft, including Mirage fighters and Dassault Rafale warplanes, are going to protect the area surrounding the city of Bengazi.  There will also be a french aircraft carrier, that is on the french mediterranean, on it’s way to the area.

Great Britian has an air base on the Island of Cyprus, and additional planes have been deployed to that base for operations in Libya.  They also have two frigates on the scene.

Several other nations have added resources, including Spain, Denmark, and Norway.


I like the fact that one of the things the United States has said it has done is take part in electronic attacks.  One wonders why they would say it, but they did.  One wonders whether there is a variant of Stuxnet, or some other computer worm has been aimed at Col. Khaddafi’s Command and Control, meant to cripple his computer infrastructure? 

It is fairly well known,  or at  the very least hinted at, that the United States had a big hand in the creation of the Stuxnet worm, along with the Israelis, which was created to damage high value infrastructure in Iran to damage their nuclear program by infecting their computer systems. It isn’t a stretch to think they would plant a similar worm in Libyan military infrastructre as well.   

I am sure electronic attacks also means the basic stuff, like radar jamming to hamper AA fire and the like.


That’s it from here, America. Have a good night.


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