A Walk In The Park

I decided to go for a walk in the park only a few minutes before I actually left the house.  I knew I was going to have a busy day, so after doing the laundry, my wife and I ate lunch, and before I got to anything else I decided to do it, while I could.  It was a really nice day out, and I hadn’t seen one of those in a while, not one I could take advantage of.  I’d been relishing the thought of doing this.

My wife, who is ill, could not make it.  I promised her two things.  I would come home quick, and I would take pictures.

As I left, I felt the sun, a rare thing to see in the sky lately, on my face, and I was happy to feel it.  The sun glinted off of the pool of water that is terminally in front of the apartment, momentarily blinding me.  As I locked the door, I reached for my mp3 player, and thought about the days musical selection.  I had been listening earlier to spoken word instead of music, and thought of doing the same. I didn’t think though, that the occasion warranted listening to John Adams, Ben Franklin and Thom. Jefferson like I was before, and gave that thought up.  I went through a list of stuff that I had burned from my old CD collection, and went with that.

Walked about a 2 blocks listening to the band Mad Season when I saw a car slow down, and someone flagging me down.  I look, squint just a bit. Took of the headphones and said “Hey, man!   What’s going on!”  (not using names, no one asked to be written about  here)  He responded  “Namuch, just saw your aunt….”  Family members were mentioned, his kids were in the back of the car, we jawed for a minute or two,  both laughed at one point about  the fact that we actually saw each other twice in a week, after not seeing each other for months. 

He asked me if I was going for a walk.  I was, obviously, he knew it, I knew it.  But for some reason which I cannot fathom, I lied. Oddest thing.  Had no reason to lie, gained nothing from it.  Did it anyway.  Human nature, I guess.  if it is, it’s proof that humans suck.   

Said I had places to go.  The look he gave me let me know he knew I was full of crap.  I didn’t mind for the very good reason that I was in fact full of crap, and why run from what you are? We said goodbye, and went our separate ways.  Put the headphones back on, which were playing the whole time.

I made my way uphill to the park.  The weather was beautiful, the sun, obscured by a combination of dark and light cumulus clouds, shone down in rivulets of light that brightened portions of the world, and left other parts, only feet away, looking darker than they should be because of it.

The trees coming up were bathed in light, with a path seemingly singled out.  I just happened to be going in that direction, and decided to follow the light.  The entrance looked fine until I got to it.  It was a muddy pool with only a thin sliver that was traversable on it’s left side. I took it. The path was clear of water after about 30 feet, with only occasional mud splotches on the path after that for a bit. Most of the paths were more or less dry after that.

I have walked here a thousand times before, but never had I taken pictures of it.  This time, with Soundgarden ripping through my headphones I started taking pictures with my phone.  I’ll say it here.  It’s not my true calling.  I got some great pics of tree stumps, or some such crap.  The grandeur of nature, even in microcosm as it is in a park in a big city, was completely missed by my eye, and the camera I used. I promised my wife pictures, and a promise is a promise, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to Ansel Adams/ Imogen Cunningham/ Edward Weston type stuff. 

The ground was hard to negotiate.  Having a bum right ankle, it made it harder than it should have been, simple sticks on the ground were actually difficult to tackle, such is the lack of mobility in the ankle.  After a minute, I forgot about that, or simply got used to it, and just enjoyed the scenery.

It is still technically winter, but signs of spring are everywhere.  Some trees, and a fair amount of plant life are beginning to sprout green.  Shoots of green are starting to show themselves, sprouting from the brown, rotted vegetation and out from under the broken hulks of trees that had succumbed to the most beautifully harsh winter this area has seen in a generation.  The dead husks of trees seem to be everywhere in the park, some cracked in two to show the weak points that had made them fall in the first place, some falling from sheer weight, showing roots and all, laying on the ground like a turtle on it’s back.

After walking around looking at nature, or what passes for it in a park, I made my way to the top of a ridge, after walking past a man-made path or two, which I had gone out of my way to avoid earlier.  Man made paths have this nasty tendency to have loud, curious, smelly, furry bipeds and their more well-trained quadrupeds on them.  I prefer to not meet the bipeds unless absolutely necessary.  The quadrupeds are fine, tho.  🙂

The ridge looked over the part of the park that I run on when I am healthy enough to run, which I am not.  The ridge is about 100 feet or so higher than the paths upon which I sweat.  The descent is a steep one, and has no clear path.  I decided, despite having difficulty before just walking, to make the trip down the hill.   It helped that I had Rollins Band and Black Flag running through the headphones at that point.  Loud, angry music focuses me.

I made it down in one piece.  It was relatively easy, to be honest. I had more trouble with the walk earlier.  The walking to the point had given me my sea legs, as it were, and that park, that whole area, is home for me. Makes it easy, I guess.

I cut the walk short after that.  I could have done this for hours, but I made a promise to my wife to come home soon.  Things to do, and I had to show her the pics I took.

She liked them. 

Nice.  When I figure out how to get the pics off of the phone, I’ll post them somewhere around here, and you can see the crap photography yourself.


That’s it from here America. G’night.

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