Moth’s Balls?

We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis


I thought Joe the Plumber was dead, or dwarf tossing, or learning to fly or something.  Nope.  He’s out and about like it’s 2008 and John McCain still needs the bald monkey to help him lose the election.  It’s clearly not the case, and he’s been brought out of mothballs (the moths must want to use them again) to rally the troops for Scott Walker.  And when I say troops, I mean the people that the billionaires behind Americans for Prosperity are paying to root for them.

People will do some silly things for money.  Rooting against the average man and woman because they have a pension (the horror!) and descent health care that they had to fight tooth and nail to get from these cheap rat bastards (the horror! ) and can stand up for their rights against employers who want to underpay them (THE HORROR!) is just one of the many things Americans are silly enough to do so they can maintain their shrinking piece of the pie.


Gotta root for the people in Libya to defeat Qadaffi, or gaddafy, or kaddafi, or how the hell ever you actually spell his damn name.  And it looks like they are winning, at least from what little news I have actually read. Since all I can do is read the news that is put together and packaged for me and look at picture someone else takes, I can only judge on what I am shown.  And from what I am being shown,they are fighting hard, and even with the military dropping bombs on them, the news I read has them standing their ground.

Go freedom fighters (if that’s what you are.)  Hold on, they can’t keep it up forever(you hope.)  You just have to outlast the bastards.

You can say the same thing for the average person around the world, who is at this point suffering the negative aspect of civil war in a major player in OPEC.

Oil prices are getting to the point where it is going to begin to negatively impact the economy.  It’s affecting Asia and it’s very powerful economies already, with both the banks of Korea and Thailand increasing interest rates as a direct result.  India is also being affected as well, and all these moves are made to fend off inflationary concerns created by the conflict in Libya.  No one is expecting oil prices, which have gone up over 20% over the last few weeks, to come down anytime soon.

The downside of up is what that is.  


Viddy of the day:  U.S. may tap oil reserves


Money is overrated.  Think on this, If you saved every dime you ever made, if every dollar you sweated for was still in your pocket, and you died tomorrow, would it matter how much of it there was?  Unless you are a millionaire and you are leaving enough behind for the greedy bastards to fight over, the answer would have to be no, wouldn’t it? 

Money is necessary.  Where would we be, as a society, without that basic medium of exchange.  How much of what we do, and who we are would be difficult, if not impossible, without it? Can’t find a place to live, a bite to eat, a woman, a piece of cloth stitched by slave labor in Malaysia to cover your ass without it.

But there has to be a better way. Or does there?  We sweat, slave and toil, and it makes little difference to how we live, doesn’t make us better, doesn’t make it easier for to live our lives, and we seems to have to work harder for less with each successive generation.  Maybe this twisted mess of a system that makes it possible for large masses of people to fall between the cracks is the best we as a species can do.

Good lord I hope not.  If it is, we suck.

Perhaps a point to expand and expound upon at greater length another time.


That’s it from here, America


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