If Only

When I go to work today, I will not have health insurance, because they haven’t offered me any.

When I go to work today, I will not have the right to bargain for better work conditions.

When I go to work today, I will not make enough money for the work I do.

When I go to work today, I can get fired even if I do my job right, and if the boss decides he needs a reason, he will create one to suit his needs.

All because I don’t work in a union workplace. 

If I worked in a union, I would make a good wage.

If I worked in a union, I would have health insurance.

If I worked in a union, I would be protected from the predations of malicious superiors.

If I worked in a union.

If only…


Viddy of the day:  Wisc. Protesters Leave Capitol After Order


The laboring classes constitute the main part of our population. They should be protected in their efforts peaceably to assert their rights when endangered by aggregated capital, and all statutes on this subject should recognize the care of the State for honest toil, and be framed with a view of improving the condition of the workingman.

President Grover Cleveland


I just read an editorial from an on-line newspaper from a Johnstown, PA , the Tribune-Democrat, which kind of surprised me.  What surprised me wasn’t the editorial itself, which speaks to the capacity to fire even tenured teachers, but the fact that there are people out there who think that tenured union teachers who are bad teachers, failures in the classroom, cannot be fired.

Of course they can be fired.  There is a process through which teachers are evaluated, and if they fail the evaluation, they are put on an improvement plan.  If they fail to implement the improvement plan, or do not meet the expectations put upon them, they can be fired.

It is difficult to understand how people can not understand that basic truth, that union jobs are not guaranteed, no matter what the people who hate unions say they cannot alter the truth, that you must meet expectations of those you work for in order to maintain a job, in or out of a union.

Where people get ideas like “tenured union employees can’t be fired” from I have no idea, but it clearly isn’t the real world.


Short article today because I have to leave for work in 2 hours, and I have things to do, America.  Write to you tomorrow.


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