One A.M. Observations

Observations on Freedom and Capitalism:

Freedom is free sometimes, don’t let’em bullshit you. People just want you to pay like they did, because they were dumb enough to buy what is, and should always be, free.

What you do have to pay for is living with other people. Because people have no idea what others think of as freedom, they try to put the idea they have of it in your head.  This, when done by large groups of people for the alleged benefit of everyone is known as politics.  When spoken of by people who think poorly of it, it is called propaganda.

Money is not the root of all evil, the unbridled seeking after it for its own sake is.

Capitalism is not perfect.  It is an effective tool for those who have capital to make more capital.  Unfortunately if you have none, capitalism itself provides no framework to make it possible for you to get any. 

And Capitalism has the capacity for evil.  Proof?  Two words; Augusto Pinochet.  Read up on Pinochet and his connections to one of the most evil Americans of the 20th century, Milton Friedman, if you don’t believe me.

Friedman was a nut who put the state, markets, and his conception of deregulation ahead of everything, including personal freedom.  It was people who followed in his footsteps who made the debacle that was the 2008 financial meltdown not only possible, but inevitable.


On Running:

If it doesn’t feel good, don’t worry, it will.

If it doesn’t hurt, don’t worry, it will.

That's me, In orange

If at no point in your stride are both of your feet in the air, you aren’t running, you are jogging, and there is a difference between the two. Joggers are NOT runners, and runners are NOT joggers.

Eat 2 hours or less after a long run, your body needs the food.

When you start running, a 20 minute run can seem like it takes forever.  Run long enough and a 90 minute run will seem short.

You don’t have to run every day to be a runner. If it really hurts, or if you don’t have the time, take a day off.  It’s supposed to be fun, not a job.

Be courteous to the people you run near.  You will be seeing them more than once, and you may need their help someday.

Don’t just run. Doing other exercises will make you a better runner, and being a better runner will make you a happier person.  

Link breath to movement, if your breathing and your stride aren’t synched, you will quickly find yourself laboring much more than is necessary. 

To get into a speedier groove, you should try to stride at a minimum of 3 steps per second. Minimum. I have maxed out over 200 steps per minute, and I’ve seen people stride faster than me.


Observations on politics:

Politics is like sports.  You root for one team, against another, you love the sport in general, but you hate the way the game gets called, and wonder what the hell your guys are thinking sometimes, and at least once every game, the other team really fucks up, and you can laugh at how stupid those bastards are.

There are even team colors!

Government is not evil.  It can be a force for good.  Anyone who tells you otherwise just dislikes the team that’s in charge. Just wait until his team has the ball, suddenly the problems will disappear.

Liberal are people who think personal freedom should always be put ahead of economic freedom. 

Conservatives are people who put economics ahead of personal liberty.

That being the case, it surprises me that conservatives even exist, this being the land of the free and home of the brave, not the land of the landed gentry and the home of the well paid.  

Ronald Reagan was over-rated.  Hank Paulson is over-rated.  Bill Clinton is over-rated.

The people who get into power are invariably people who cannot be trusted with it.  No one who runs for office should be allowed to hold it. 

I personally think government should be handled like jury duty.  You get a piece of mail  one day that says “for the next 2 years (or 6 months, or whatever amount of time works for you) you will be the representative(or senator, or president, or Supreme court justice) of your district(state or nation), please report to work by the first of the month…”  And only if you have a valid excuse will you be allowed to get out of doing it.

 A man can dream…


General observations:

You suck.  But that’s OK, so does everyone else, so relax.

Addiction does not go away, the objects you are addicted to do

The world has too many toys and not enough tools.  Gadgets take from us, they don’t make our lives better.  Ipods and the like distract rather than teach, obscure rather than illuminate, make us less than what we can be.

Music is the human heart given voice. 

Intellect is universal, everyone has it, some just hide it well.

Stupidity is universal, everyone has it.  If you think you don’t, that just means you’re stupid AND blind.

Stupid is fun and easy, hence the success of Glenn Beck.  A Caliphate, the man says… argh…

Know where the important stuff is in your house, and be able to find it in the dark, just in case.

I love my job; it’s the work I hate.


Observations on Religion and Cats:

Atheists don’t just dislike the concept of God, they hate people who pontificate in their general direction, and try to push them somewhere they don’t want to go.

Deists don’t just dislike the concept of Atheism, they hate hearing that people can’t accept the reality of God in their worlds.

People who don’t care in either direction just want the two groups to shut the fuck up and leave everyone alone.

Solipsists don’t get the argument at all, and tend to do actual work while these two groups bullshit around and argue for their own entertainment.

Cats listen to them all and wonder who is going to get them food, and why they aren’t getting sckritches.

And then they get food and skritches.

Proving once and for all that cats are superior creatures to humans.


God bless America, land that has cats.  G’night.


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