February 2011 Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the February 2011 Running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Wed. February 2nd: No run info yet.  The world is at the moment covered in ice, and I have yet to run this month. Info to follow when I have some to add.

Sun., February 6th:  No Run.  I have to write this.  I can’t run in this, and I know not how long that will continue.  Conditions are treacherous, there is still ice everywhere, though it’s been warm enough to melt some of it for the past few days.  I tried walking on the run paths today and it was a hairy pain in the ass.  I watched a few intrepid(aka stupid) people try to run.  Not one got around without nearly falling down, slipping and sliding all over the place, and slowing down to walking pace, or nearly so.  The parks department has completely failed in its job in cleaning things up.  The paths on the hills where I normally run are somewhat better, but not good enough to chance a run.

I’m shutting this down until at least the February12th as a result.  I’ll judge the conditions then, to see if they have cleared enough to make running safe enough to actually do. The people who ran out there today were taking their lives in their hands, and frankly were fools for it.

And I wish I were fool enough to do it myself.  I miss running, but I won’t go out there and run in conditions this conducive to injury when I am just coming back from a calf injury myself.

Sat., February 12th:  Ran 4.66 miles in 38:19.79, an 8:13.51 m/m pace.  36 degrees, mostly cloudy, windy.  I am so happyI actually ran today!  WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! It’s been so long  since I could say that.  Last full length run I had was all the way back on January 22nd.   3 weeks! The injury was healed up the week after that run, and conditions and circumstances held me back from running these last two weeks.  I wasn’t quick, but i didn’t care about that, not on my first run back after 3 weeks. Just being out running was good enough for me. 

Sun., February 13th:  Ran 4.66 miles in 38:31.46, an 8:16.02 m/m pace.  43 degrees, partly cloudy, windy.  Nice weather out there today, actually felt warm out there.  The conditions outside were great, but I was, and am, sore from yesterday’s run.  Slowed me down a bit, but not too much.  I’m only 2 days back after a 3 week layoff, slow and steady for at least one more run before I really try to push. No stops today or yesterday, which kind of surprised me.  I’m still sore tho, dammit!

Mon., February 14th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 44:57.65, a 7:53.27 m/m pace.  55 degrees, sunny, windy.  A fairly quick valentine’s day run, where I ran longer than I thought I was gonna.  I was gonna go 3.8 miles, 2 park laps, but as I got to the end of lap two, my start/finish line had a truck on it, so I ran around it, yelled at the parks department guy who parked his truck on the paths, and found myself starting a 3rd lap.  I said screw it at that point, why the hell not just go for 3 laps? Conditions were sloppy, but I had fun out there.  Good run.

Thur., February 17th:  Ran 4.54 miles in 37:05.14, an 8:10.11 m/m pace.  57 degrees, nice.   First night run since November, and this one felt good.  Slow today, but I’m not really sweating that. Don’t mind being slow when I’m busy just enjoying the road.   A warm night in February is a rare treat, so I had to run.  Might even be warmer tomorrow night.  I want to get to the point where I can start doing longer runs again, it’s still a ways off, but It’ll happen. 

Fri., February 18th:  Ran 4.54 miles in 36:32.20, an 8:02.86 m/m pace.  62 degrees.  Second night run in a row, and last run in warm weather for a while.  I thought I pushed pretty hard out there, but I’m kinda out of shape. Five runs in 18 days so far this month, and none longer than 6 miles, and no workouts since the middle of January, so ya, I am out of shape. But I’m working on it, and today’s time is a pretty good for an out of shape rhino.  Nice.

Sat., February 19th:  Ran 5.2 miles in 41:55.40, an 8:03.73 m/m pace.  33 degrees, mostly cloudy, windy.  Very windy day out there.  Made the running hard.  Winds over 20 mph with gusts over 50 mph.  Pushed me upright when I was trying to push into it a few times, didn’t seem like it was at my back very much.  But I didn’t mind, I was nearly alone out there, and that made it good running. The ice melted over the last few warm days, and that made the running better today(and yesterday) than anytime in a while.  Nice.

Sun., February 20th:  Ran 5.7 miles, un-timed.  35 degrees, partly cloudy, windy.  Un-timed because my watch-band broke during yesterday’s run.  I could have carried with me, but I didn’t want to do it like that.  I ran very, very hard into the wind, had to stop once because of the effort I put in.  It felt funny not having the watch there to check my time.  My right ankle was sore before the run, and at the beginning of the run, but after a ¼ lap of the 3 laps I ran, I didn’t notice it.  Nice.

35 miles in 7 runs.  Doesn’t sound soooo bad, until you realize that is the total amount of mileage for the month.  Jeez.  Wet cold winter making my life more difficult than it has to be.  Supposed to get more snow tonight.  Had I wanted to run in weather like this all the damn time, I’d move to International Falls, Minnesota.

Mon., February 21st:  Ran 4.66 miles, un-timed.  32 degrees, cloudy, windy, occasional flurries.  2 laps in the park + the run to the park from Royal Oak Road and Victory Boulevard, and back.  Pushed hard out there today, to make up for…well… just not knowing how fast I was going.  Stopped once, piss break, had a bit of a headache, left side of my head, front.  Beyond that, all was good.  Right ankle feels better.  Nice.    

Wed., February 23rd:  Ran 4.32 miles un-timed.  35 degrees, nice.  Good hard hill run today.  Pushed hard as I could.  I wasn’t sure how long I was going to go today, and ran the course I did after a last-minute change of plans.  I thought the course I ran was a hair longer than this, but 4.32 isn’t a bad distance, I guess.  No worries. 

Thur., February 24th:  Ran 6.96 miles, un-timed.  40 degrees, cloudy, windy.  Longest run in a few weeks.  Not happy about a run this short being “long”, but I’m happy to be doing distance increases.  Stopped one time about 1½ miles in, I pushed hard and my heart rate spiked, so I stopped and took it down before I restarted.  Kept the pace down for about another mile, before I picked it back up, and I was fine after that.   Had some soreness in my right ankle, but it went away before I stopped at the 1½ mile point.  Good run.

Fri., February 25th:  Ran 4.78 miles, un-timed.  38 degrees, cloudy, windy.  This one was rough.  My right ankle and left knee were sore the entire run, and it made it feel …not like I was running in slow motion, or running through mud, but like I had mud in my joints, slowing me down while I ran.  The soreness never went away.  That is pretty rare for me.  I was initially not even going to run today, but went for it, seeing the temps when I decided to run was over 50.  It dropped 12 degrees from that moment to the end of the run. Ooof.

Sun., February 27th:  Ran 5.57 miles, un-timed.  50 degrees, sunny, breezy.  New route.  1.65 mile loop, Slosson Ave, to Martling Ave, to Manor road, To Victory Blvd and back to Slosson.  Started the loop in the middle of the Slosson ave part of the run.  Also ran to and from that start point, .31 miles back and forth.  Beautiful day for a run, after cold and windy weather all week, a fairly windless, sunny, warmer day was welcome.  Just enjoyed running in weather where I could wear regular run clothes instead of layers.  Felt nice.

Mon., February 28th:  Ran 6.32 miles, un-timed.  58 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  New route, ran at random out there. I wanted a new course, and a hill run, but I wanted to stay relatively close. Pretty easy to do that.  Ankle is slightly sore, but not too bad.  Left knee was burning for a bit, but never so bad that I ever thought of stopping. 58 degrees makes for easy running, Especially when the weather has been as schizophrenic as it has been lately.


This month:  67.61 miles miles.  Longest run: 6.96 miles (February 24th)    Shortest run: 4.32 miles(February 23rd)  13 runs in 28 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 5.200 miles

Year to date: 160.43 miles  Longest so far 7.6 miles (January 11th), Shortest 1.7 miles (January 24th). 29 runs on the year.  Average run distance:  5.473 miles 


Again, like January, February was dominated by injury and weather related issues.  The right ankle/calf and snow and ice kept me from running for the first two weeks of the month.  The right ankle/calf is still an issue, is still sore every day, but it isn’t so bad that I can’t or won’t run on it.   I was hoping for over 100 miles this month, and didn’t come close to that number. Disappointing, but there is good news on the horizon, March is here, and better weather is en route, so the distance numbers, barring injury of course, should increase dramatically next month.

Due to soreness in both my shoulders for much of February, I only started adding upper body workouts over the last few days of the month.  I didn’t want to add them here, as they’re honestly a bit on the pathetic looking side.  Who wants to read 50 push-ups, 50 beginner burpees, when a 9-year-old can easily do it? Not I, and if I’m not willing to read it, I won’t write it.


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