Private misfortunes are public benefits; so that the more private misfortunes there are, the greater is the general good.

 François-Marie Arouet (aka Voltaire), spoken by the character Pangloss, Candide


 The famous character Pangloss, in Voltaire’s Candide, was apparently a republican. 


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.  Job creation is the most important issue this nation is confronting right now.  I remember the Republicans saying that job creation would be job one for them when they came to power in the house.  They are in power in the house.  They are getting around to their jobs agenda, and guess what?

They are going to cut jobs.

Great, huh? 

In this game, every move is the wrong move

The cuts in the federal budget the house is asking for are, according to economist Mark Zandi, going to cost America 700,000 jobs over the next 2 years, and will cut growth in real GDP by ½ of a percent this year. 

There are differing views on the effect of those budget cuts.  Douglas Holtz Eagin, former head of the CBO, and John McCain’s chief economic strategist in his 2008 presidential bid says it will fall 2/10th of a percent less than Zandi’s numbers, and Goldman Sachs says there will be a full 1% drop drop in GDP, not ½ a percent, like Mr. Zandi thinks.

Meaning, no matter how you slice it, with these cuts in our non-discretionary spending, which were never going to do a damn thing to help the economy, are now showing themselves to have a real, visceral harm to the economy. 

With America just coming out of a recession, with jobs still a major issue, millions, including yours truly, out of work, with the future of this great nation in a precarious balance, the republicans say they have a plan, and even the most conservative estimates have it costing us tens of billions of dollars(that is how you count tenths of a percent in GDP) more than the amount saved by the austerity measures that the republicans want to put in place.

What do we need as a nation?  Growth

What are the Republicans promising us? Stagnation.

And here’s the kicker.  The cuts for this fiscal year are smaller, from what I am hearing, than the ones for the following fiscal year.  

Reminds one of a word:  Zugzwang


Viddy of the day:  Sesame Street “Slayer Sing-Along”  I figure, why not put one of Slayers most political songs, and a (to my mind) progressive leaning one at that,”Dittohead” here, and get the added joy of Sesame Street characters ripping it up on the screen.  Grover IS Kerry King, Dammit!


I was reading a story today written by Nate Silver about polling done on the “Great Wisconsin Union Fight of 2011“.  The story said a few things that caught my eye.  For one thing, Rasmussen polling is apparently fairly well biased as far as their polling goes.  This was surprising to me, but when reading the link to a second story there, made a very valid point about the biased nature of the questions Rasmussen asked. 

I have read Rasmussen polls for years and generally thought of them as reliable.  But if the questions they ask are biased in the way that is clearly shown here, that would bite hard into my capacity to trust their reporting of poll numbers. 

But more importantly, it goes on to say that the Gallup poll that asks about how the public feels about stripping collective bargaining rights from union workers finds that the nation is 2 to 1 against it, even though they are generally ambivalent about public sector unions in general.  The story says much more than that, including speaking of another poll that says that, by the same 2 to 1 margin, Americans don’t particularly like the fact that government workers are unionized. 

Like it or not, it is the reality that exists that there are public sector unions, and those unions do much good for the people of this nation, by doing the work that most other would much rather not do.  And do that job well.  And don’t get rich doing it.  These unions should not have their rights taken away, plain and simple, for this reason, at the very least.  If they lose their rights, what is to stop the strong-arm, right-wing authoritarians from taking your rights away?


Time to go, America.  Have a good night.

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