I’ve Had Worse Days

My fingers are sore.  I punched a hole in my right thumb.  Which makes it a nice matching set of holes in my right hand, seeing how I punched a hole in my right pinky a day ago.  Nice. 

But it doesn’t matter.

I only worked half a day today, and never got to eat lunch, starved most of the day.  I don’t get paid for time I don’t work, and it looks like I might have at least one more time this week where that will happen, or something similar will happen.

But none of it matters.

Libya is on fire, and it is threatening to engulf the world.  Markets all over the world are suffering because of unrest there, and Bahrain, and Yemen, and a number of other Arab and African nations.

But that does not matter… well it does, but not where I am at, right now.

Why? My cousin, the one who had a heart attack just a few days ago, came home, and he is clearly doing better. 

And I finally got my bankruptcy sent to the courts.

I’ve had worse days.


Feet up, relaxing, feeling better because of the two events I wrote of. 

I wanted to go visit Bill at home, but decided against for a great many reasons, the main one being the obvious one.  He just got home, letting the man relax and recuperate at home with his wife and kids sounds like the best medicine they all could use.  They need to rally around each other and let the balm of family heal the hurt they’ve suffered. And if you think that a heart attack only hits the person who has it, you clearly haven’t known anyone who has had one.

But the bankruptcy is still on my mind.  I still have to go pay the first of 4 payments to the bankruptcy court, and pay it by the end of the week.  They said I could pay by mail, but the earliest I could mail it is tomorrow.  With the mail on Staten Island as notoriously slow as it is, I don’t know that they would receive it in time.  I’ll probably end up with going into court in Brooklyn and paying it person.  No big deal, except that it’ll take me taking another half day off of work to do it.  And like I said at the top of the piece, I don’t get paid for time I don’t work.

No worries.  I’ve been broke for years now, being broke because I’m not working enough isn’t something that really phases me.  It’s been the story of my life, ya know?


Filing the bankruptcy was, for me, surprisingly easy.  I just gave the woman who I was working with the information I had, she did all the work. There were a lot of documents to sign.  Ten or twelve I think.  We went over every aspect of the bankruptcy.  Every single number was scrutinized.  The money I earned at Sotheby’s.  The money I got from unemployment.  The money my wife made.  The bills I pay.  The bills I couldn’t pay anymore.  Names of all the creditors.  Taxes over the last two years.  Incidental expenses. What I own.  Secured debt? Non secured debt? We went over everything. 

Didn’t bother me.  I don’t mind math for one thing, and if it helps me clean up the financial mess that is my life, then I am all for it.

It did surprise me that I was on the cusp of not being eligible for filing.  I’ve been under water for years.  The standard they use is before tax earnings, and you have to be under 150% of the poverty level for the amount of people who live under your roof.  With what my wife made, and what I made (mostly unemployment) I barely passed muster. Unbelievable.


Go to sleep America, tomorrow’s another big day.  G’night.


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