It’s 9:00 AM…

… and here I sit, feet up, crossed on my writing desk, writing…err…  Typing, I mean.  Close enough, using words in a creative way.  Or if not creative, at least some small attempt at it.  Something like that.

I have xm radio on, listening to, of all things, the Grateful Dead.  There is other stuff on, but not much. Some crap on the metal stations I’d rather not hear.  Classic Vinyl is playing the one Jethro Tull song I don’t like.  The ONLY one.  The classical stations were… talking about classical music instead of playing it.  No political stuff just yet, I just woke up, don’t wanna get worked up quite yet.  So here I sit with feet up listening to a live version of “Ramble on Rose”

oooOOOooo Black Sabbath just popped on.  Ramble is nice but Sabbath is better.  NIB. Nice.  My name is Lucifer, please take my hand. Turns to RAT Machine, Bullet in the Head.  OK, it’s Rage Against the Machine, I just like calling them RAT Machine. 

Thrash around until… the music just got bad, so I turnoff the crap and turn on the Stephanie Miller show.  Politics.  She’s funny, she’s smart, and dammit, listening to her talk politics gets me fired the hell up.  But I’m not gonna pull the trigger on it, not gonna rant, not yet anyway.  20 minutes have gone by, I just finished my coffee, and I’m not ready to yell… err… type in a strident fashion (that sounds silly, which I like) about politics, or anything just yet.

The most political statement I will make now is, for all you union haters out there, Reagan was a union president before he became a union hater.  The people who are talking about breaking the unions in Wisconsin do not have the best interests of all the people of Wisconsin at heart.  These tea party nutbags are greedy, self-interested, self-centered, and are unwilling to take the pain that the man Walker created, and want a small segment of the population to suffer so they don’t have to.  Like that segment of the population is somehow doing so much better than everyone else.  Like they are somehow responsible for the problems that exist.

I don’t remember hearing any of the union members at the protests in Madison getting a free ride into town so they could protest.  Only the rich bitch conservative tea party patsies got that privilege. 

ENOUGH… Just found some Iron Maiden. Where eagles dare.  Turning that up on the headphones. Nice.


Iron Maiden – Where Eagles Dare (Live at Ullevi)


On a more serious note (read at your peril)…

With the music as a backdrop, I let my mind wander, go through all the more serious things that have happened the last few days.  On Friday, a cousin of mine, a man I have known all my life, 2 years my junior, had a heart attack.  According to stories I have heard, he “checked out” on the table.  Twice. People often use euphemism when they fear the strength of the truth.  I don’t know that he died twice and lived to tell the tale for certain though.  I have no need for that kind of  information, and pass it along here merely to make the point that information I have gotten is, at best, spotty.

I’m just happy that he’s alive.  Get better Bill, I’ll be up to see you when they allow me up.  Love ya much, man. Get strong.

Then yesterday my wife goes to the hospital.  She tried Yoga a few days ago, unbeknownst to me, and did something to her back.  She’s been complaining about her legs feeling numb in spots, feet feeling cold, losing feeling below her waist.  After a few days of this, she’s scared enough to want to see what it is. 

After having my cousin bill, a man I have called my best friend when no one else would even talk to me, back when I was drunk, stoned, and barking fucking mad, to have my wife, my best friend now, go to the hospital to have herself checked out for even the slightest thing, was almost too much for me. I pleaded with her to not go.  I begged.  No.  Just be fine. You’re OK, hon.  Seriously, just…. stopdon’tplease.

Irrational I know, but I am a human.  All humans are irrational, and if you think otherwise you are being irrational, and barking fucking mad as well.

She went.  I went with her.  I brought trepidation with me.

I did not explode.  I did not scream at heaven.  I did not promise eternal war upon civilization, and screaming, violent, bloody fucking murder to anyone in arms reach until I died if anything happened to her, though I thought of all of them. 

But I did go barking fucking mad for just a second.  Just one.  One is enough. Once you go to that evil place, you never get lost traveling to it.

Ends up she’s OK.  I returned to the land of the living, smiled at my wife, and all is right with the world, or at least I pretend that it’s OK. 


It’s now 10:15am, and I am going to get ready to run. Getting pumped listening to some nice relaxing DEATH METAL.

Go do things America, It’s a nice day, the sun is a star, and if it doesn’t impart heat, there is at least light, and that is enough.  Go enjoy it while you have eyes to see the world around you.  Have a good one.


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