In Lieu Of An Actual Article Today…

…I give you a short piece of verse, 13th century French mediaeval verse.  It is titled  “Chanson de Rencontre” or “Song of Meeting”, though it is known to some as “Ce fut en mai”, French for “It happened in May.”  By Moinot d’Arras.   Courtesy of wikisource.


It happened in May
In a sweet, happy time,
When the season is beautiful.
I got up in the morn
I went to have fun
Next to a small spring
In a walled garden
Closed about with wild roses
I heard a viol;
There I saw dancing
A knight
And a damsel
They had beautiful bodies
And were elegant
By God ! they danced beautifully !
While embracing
And while kissing
They enjoyed themselves very prettily!
In an isolated place
Two by two they went off;
Amongst the flowers
Their game of love
They did whatever they wanted
I went ahead
Fearing very much
That one of them would see me
Sad and pensive
And wishing
To have that same joy
Then I saw get up
One of the two,
He, from across the long distance where I was
Called out
Asked me
Who I am and what I wanted
I went towards them
Told them of my ills:
That I loved one lady
To whom I would be loyal
Without being false
All my life
For whom I experience
Pain and heartache
Then I could say
Alas, now I will die,
For truly
If she does not return to me
With refinement
And nobility
Each of them put me on the right way
And said as much
That God will soon
Send some of the joy
From which I felt
Great pain
And I gave them
Great thanks
And, while crying
Commended them to God.


G’night America.


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