Impending Civil War?

Impending Civil War? One wonders…


Viddy of the day: Should US Aid Egyptian Protestors?  Zbigneiw Brzezinski makes some valid points here.  But there are other points, other viewpoints.


We the people have legitimate demands and we would like to tell the government what to do. Our freedom is not up for negotiation. Secondly how can you negotiate with a regime that is killing its people? When the regime tries to counter a peaceful demonstration by using thugs, some of whom are police officers in plain clothes – we’ve seen their IDs – there are few words that do justice to this villainy and I think it can only hasten that regime’s departure.

Mohamed El Baradei


Hosni Mubarak is not going to step down.  He will hand some power to V.P. Suleiman,  and alter the Constitution, but he refuses to step down. I watched the reaction of this by the crowds at Tahrir square.  They were angryAngry as hell.  The crowd went from cheering Mubarak’s leaving, which is what was expected, to barking at him in unbridled anger. 

Part of the reason Mubarak didn’t step down was because he did not want to be seen as hearing “foreign dictations“.  For all the talk that the United States has said nothing here, they are presumably talking enough to the Egyptian power putting in O.T. working the phones and all the people they can to get things worked out smoothly that President Mubarak felt the need to call them out publicly for it.

Or do you think he was talking about Burkina-Faso? Upper Mongolia maybe?

There will be massive demonstrations tomorrow. Count on it.   The news reports also say that there may be a crackdown by the army if things don’t quiet down.  The expectation is that there’s gonna be war, and it’s gonna be a bloody mess.  There was word from AlJazeera TV that some number of the protesters actually went to an army base to make sure they knew exactly how the people felt.  No word on how that went. The commentator didn’t make any additional comment beyond that.  Dammit. 

All a freedom loving American can do is wish the protestors luck, and make one simple statement to the Mubarak regime. 

The whole world is watching.


More later, perhaps.  I’m thinking of adding a new page, might, might not.  We’ll see.

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