A Fit Of Common Sense

First things first.  Or maybe second, just to throw things off the normal beaten track. 


A man in his mid to late 40’s lies, tells a stranger, a younger woman, that he’s no longer married when he is, takes a picture of himself, shirtless, to prove to some woman that not all men on craigslist look like toads. Flirts shamelessly, there is a small amount of banter, she breaks off the communications.  It’s over for both parties, right?

Not if you are part of the party of family values and a sitting congressman from New York.

Rep. Chris Lee did the not so dirty, but clearly wrong deed, and has resigned his post in congress as a result.  The woman in question, a 34 year old government employee from Maryland remains unidentified.  He wanted to cheat, but she never gave him a real shot.  Good.  One wonders how many other times this has happened, where he did not get outed by the woman in question. 

Regardless, even if this is his only impropriety, he made the biggest mistake of his life, lying about being divorced, and taking a shirtless picture of himself.  Seems, in this day and age a small thing.  It clearly isn’t. Not if the man was so shaken by it that he felt the need to resign. David Vitter and Larry Craig he most definitely is not.  A fit of common sense, perhaps?


Like I said, first things second.  The word on the patriot act madness, where congress had a sudden fit of common sense (seems catchy that stuff), seems to be, not surprisingly, a temporary fit.

Three vitally important provisions of the Patriot act, which are the bane of libertarians (civil or otherwise) everywhere were voted down.   In a procedural vote needing a 2/3 majority, 20+ Republicans, most of them tea partiers, joined Dennis Kucinich and the freedom fighters from the democratic side of the aisle, and shot down the Patriot act extension.


I never thought I’d say that… 

But like I also said, the fit of common sense is only temporary.  The house will again take up the vote on the measure tomorrow, and this time they will only need a simple majority.  Shoot it down twice?  Not likely, not with only a majority necessary for approval.  The first time it eked by a 1/3 minority block. They won’t have the votes to stop it again.


Yesterday, the conservatives also blocked a bill from reaching the floor of the house that would give aid to U.S. workers hurt by overseas competition. The trade assistance program has helped retrain people who have lost jobs due to having them shipped overseas.  The bill will expire, due to some clerical error on sunday.  Just great.  There ya go, Republicans, saving those Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. 

Mr. Boehner, WHERE ARE THE JOBS?  You’re supposed to be trying to help people get working again,NOT take away that help, you idiot!


Viddy of the day:  Extending the Patriot act:  Why Holt said no.  Rep. Holt is one of the good ones, If you like your civil liberties, you like Rep. Holt.


No one can terrorize a whole nation, unless we are all his accomplices. (1954)

Everyone is a prisoner of his own experiences. No one can eliminate prejudices — just recognize them. (1955)

Anyone who isn’t confused doesn’t really understand the situation. (1969)

Edward R. Murrow


BTW, Egypt is still in mid revolution.  Just because the TV cameras aren’t aimed there anymore, doesn’t mean it still isn’t happening. 


I am done, America.  Have a good night, I’ll write to you tomorrow.


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