January 2011 Running Commentary

Once a month or so, I clear out some of the content on my Running Commentary, Random Thoughts, and 12 Notes pages and place them here on the main page to make room for fresh content on those pages.  This is the January 2011 Running Commentary.  Enjoy!


Sat., January 1st:  Ran 6 miles in 49:04.68, an 8:10.78 m/m pace.  49 degrees, cloudy, breezy.  4 times up and down the short hill, Royal Oak road to Slosson and Martling and back up.  One stop at the ½ way point.  Kinda annoyed me that I had to stop, but the hill kicked my ass today.  200 beginner knuckle push up burpees.

Sun., January 2nd:  Ran 5.7 miles in 45:38.18, an 8:00.38 m/m pace.  48 degrees, cloudy, foggy.  Could have run this faster but there was a section of the park that was still unshoveled, had to go around. Ran around but still on the snow twice and then, on the third and final lap, ran around the snow completely by running on the street.  Between the three laps I added around 100 or so steps to the run, not long enough to actually add any meaningful distance to the run, so I left the distance unchanged.  75 push up/pull-up burpees, 100 push ups.

Mon., January 3rd:  Ran 5.7 miles in 45:37.62, an 8:00.28 m/m pace.  33 degrees, sunny, windy.  I was going to go longer, 7.6 miles, but stopped short because my left calf/Achilles tightened up on me around ½ way through the third lap.  Dammit, with luck this won’t keep me off my feet tomorrow or for any length of time.  A good bit today was that I got faster with each lap.  8:07 pace on the first lap, 8:00 on the second, 7:53 on the third.  Nice. 200 beginner knuckle push up burpees, 100 push ups. Someday I’ll be strong enough to do an actual workout.  Someday.

Tues., January 4th:  Ran 5.7 miles in 46:15:88, an 8:06.99 m/m pace.  37 degrees, sunny, windy. I didn’t push at all, didn’t look at he stopwatch, nothing.  I just ran at an even pace and monitored my left calf as closely as possible for signs of injury.  It was sore as hell yesterday, and I was limping around the house until I soaked it in very warm water for an hour.  So I treated it as gingerly as possible when I was out there running.  It was fine early, but I felt it twinge before I went out, so I took some painkillers and waited until it felt better, then ran.  It a wee bit sore now, nothing out of the ordinary tho.  I’ll see how it’s doing later.  80 push up/pull-up/ceiling kick burpees, 100 push ups. 

Wed., January 5th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT. Mikey needed a break, took it today.

Thur., January 6th:  Ran 7.18 miles in 57:12,80, a 7:58.10 m/m pace.  29 degrees, cloudy, breezy. Slight distance alteration due to remeasurement of run to the park.  .72 miles down, .76 miles back.  Had that originally as.7 miles both ways.  8/100 of a mile is a minor thing, I know, but it is also the difference between an 8:03.49 and a 7:58.1 pace, and more accurate distance measurements are always welcome.  No pain, no soreness.  Nice.  50 push up/pull up/ceiling kick burpees, 100 knuckle push up burpees, 100 pushups.

Fri., January 7th:  Ran 5.52 miles in 44:11.73, an 8:00.38 m/m pace.  31 degrees, snow.  2 laps in the park plus the run to the park, starting on the Victory boulevard side, rather than the normal run down to the martling avenue entrance.  Took my time out there, the conditions weren’t bad but the run paths were, not surprisingly, a bit slick in spots. Ran the big hill in the snow, 100 feet of elevation in 3/10ths of a mile, after running 4+ miles.  Tis fun.  100 standard burpees, 150 push ups.

Sat., January 8th:  Ran 5.52 miles in 43:52.86, a 7:56.96 m/m pace.  28 degrees, cloudy, flurries.  Same run as yesterday, same effort as yesterday, I was able to move a little faster because the road conditions were a bit better today than yesterday.  Right calf is a bit sore at this point, but it’s not too bad, though.  The hill was easier today.  Nice.  100 push up/ pull up/ ceiling kick burpees, 100 push ups. 

35.32 miles,  905 burpees,  and 650 push ups on the week.  Eh…Not bad, not great.


Sun., January 9th:  Ran 5.52 miles in 43:48.52, a 7:56.18 m/m pace.  25 degrees, sunny, windy.  Wind chill fluctuating between 8 and 11 degrees.  Made the hill on the way home feel like longer than usual.  I don’t know that this was the same effort as the previous two days.  Wind made it feel like a much harder slough today than the last 2 days.  Yesterday didn’t feel cold, only 3 degrees colder and today did.  Go fig.  Calves feel fine, much better than yesterday.  175 standard burpees, 175 push ups.

Mon., January 10th:  Ran 6.54 miles in 51:53.94, a 7:56.13 m/m pace.  31 degrees, sunny, windy.  3 laps in the park, plus the run down and back up victory from royal oak road to the logan ave. sign.  Pushed hard in spots, particularly the third lap in the park.  Had a runner in front of me, and he was faster than I was.  Made me push harder to try and catch him.  Didn’t, but my stride rate got noticeably faster after that.   The last 42/100ths of a mile on a 100 foot incline after 6+ miles into a 20+ mph winds was fun! Good run.  25 chin-ups, 25 pull-ups, 150 push-ups, 150 standard burpees.  Those chins and pulls kicked my ass.  5 sets, 5 reps each, best I could do.  I suck.

Tues., January 11th:  Ran 7.6 miles in 59:54.93, a 7:53.01 m/m pace.  29 degrees, cloudy, breezy. 4 laps in the park.  Longest run, by ½ a mile, in 3 weeks, and the fastest since November 22nd.  Nice. Not exactly fast, but I’m not gunning for fast in sub freezing temperatures.  Left knee was sore early in the run, but got better as the run progressed.  Right ankle is a bit sore.  It’s supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow,  up to 15 inches of snow.  Need a day off, but I don’t need several snow days off.  Fingers crossed for smaller than forecasted snow totals.  150 standard burpees, 150 pushups(6 sets x 25 reps each).  My heart just wasn’t in it today, dunno why. 

Wed., January 12th:  NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.  And on Wednesday Mikey rested.  8 inches of snow makes it easier to not run.  And not workout as well, despite the complete lack of snow in my living room. I’m a lazy bastard sometimes, I guess.

Thur., January 13th:  NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.  After a long morning and early afternoon of walking all over the place, 6 miles or so of walking, I decided to just say fcuk it.  I can run tomorrow.

Fri., January 14th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.

Sat., January 15th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.

19.66 miles, 475 burpees, 475 push ups, 50 chin/pull ups.  Not bad for 3 days, not good for a week.


Sun., January 16th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.

Mon., January 17th:  Ran 5.46 miles in 45:44.07, an 8:22.57.  25 degrees, cloudy, windy. Been sitting on my ass since Tuesday, and it shows.  2 laps in the park and 1 full hill lap. I was going to take today off as well, but decided to make a go of it.  Off the last few days just resting.  It felt good doing nothing after busting my ass as hard as I was.  Felt good to be back, slow though I was. 125 standard burpees, 125 pushups.  It’s a start.

Tues., January 18th:  NO RUN. 

I tried to run, the ground was icy enough to be an issue, the rain was falling hard enough to make vision an issue, damn near got run over because I never saw him and he never saw me.  Put in an untimed ¼ mile, maybe ½, just to test conditions.  Called it off.  Dammit, that sucks.  200 Push ups, 200 standard burpees.

Wed., January 19th:  Ran 6.54 miles in 54:02.76, an 8:15.83 m/m pace.  42 degrees, partly cloudy.  I had nothing today, and I have no idea why.  I didn’t really push hard early, but I still got winded and had to slow down.  Had a stitch at one point, despite the fact I wasn’t really pushing hard.  Probably the lack of recent running, and the mileage cutdown from December having an effect.  Maybe I’m just getting old, who knows?  One would have presumed the warm weather would have had a positive effect. Go fig.  150 push ups, 150 standard burpees.

Thur., January 20th:  Ran 6.54 miles in 52:00.07, a 7:57.07 m/m pace.  34 degrees, partly cloudy, breezy.  I ran 2 minutes faster today than yesterday.  I was hoping to be faster, but not expecting to be 18 seconds a mile faster today.  Nice.  I did push hard in spots, took it easy in others, overall a faster, easier effort today.  No surprise though, yesterday’s run was run after I had 6 of the last 7 days, took a day to get my wind back.  Tomorrow should be easier than yesterday, though not necessarily faster than today.  150 push ups, 150 standard burpees.

Fri., January 21st:   Ran 6 miles in 49:40.78, an 8:16.79 m/m pace. 30 degrees, cloudy, windy.  Ran the royal oak to martling and slosson hill down and back 4 times today.  I didn’t have much today, and frankly took it slow for the first 3 times on the paths.  I pushed with what I had left on the last 1.5 miles.  After running an 8:20 something on the first 4.5 miles, the last 1.5 miles I ran an 8:00 even. Which ain’t half bad.  40 chin ups, 100 push ups, 200 standard burpees.  

Sat., January 22nd:  Ran 5.6 miles in 44:11.76, a 7:53.52 m/m pace.  22 degrees, sunny.  Ran from Rice and Slosson to victory via Royal oak, then down victory to the park, 2 laps at the park, and back again.  Crisp, sunny day, it was a brisk day for a run, the lack of wind made it feel actually kinda nice, yesterday’s conditions were worse because of the wind.  Tweaked my right calf on the uphill on the way home.  Nothing major, I think.  Will soak it in warm water and epsom salts after the workout. 40 chin ups, 125 push ups, 250 deep knee bends.  Uber light workout, hamstring tightened up on me during the DKB’s, wanted to do 1000, the cramp stopped me dead in my tracks, said “screw it, I’m done” at that point.

30.14 miles, 825 burpees,  850 Push ups, 80 chin ups, 250 deep knee bends.  Not too bad, not great though.


Sun., January 23rd: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.  Sore all over, beat, tired, just not feeling up to getting up and hitting it today.  I’ll run and workout tomorrow, no worries.

Mon., January 24th: Ran approximately 1.7 miles in 14:11.13, an 8:20.66 m/m pace.  17 degrees, sunny, breezy.  Stopped a scheduled 5.7 mile run 4 miles short due to severe pain on the right side of the bottom of my right calf.  Tried to start up again, limped a few steps, stopped, and limped home, I just couldn’t do it.  It’s may well be a few days before I can run again.  Dammit.  No workout. Double dammit.

Tues., January 25th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.

Wed., January 26th: NO RUN, NO WORKOUT.  This right calf  injury has turned out to be much worse than originally anticipated.  The pain has not subsided, the swelling is still there, there is still a limp, it is still not strong enough to push off with, and it’s too tender to even think about running.  I was hoping a few days off would do it, I am now hoping it doesn’t take weeks to fully heal up.  I might begin attempting to workout around it starting tomorrow, and again I might not.  Dammit.

No more runs until at least February 1st, weather permitting.  The calf has been a mess and today, January 31st, is the first day I have been entirely pain free.  It is supposed to snow again tomorrow, so I might wait another day or two.


This month: 92.82 miles.  Longest run: 7.6 miles(January 11th)    Shortest run: 1.7 miles(January 24th)  16 runs in 31 days during the month. Average run distance for the month: 5.695 miles

Year to date:  92.82 miles  Longest so far 7.6 miles (January 11th), Shortest 1.7 miles (January 24th). 16 runs on the year.  Average run distance:  5.695 miles 


This month was dominated by weather and injury issues.  A right calf injury shut me down for the last week of the month, and several feet of snow made other days impossible to run.  I was hoping for at least 120 miles this month, but came nowhere close because of the aforementioned factors.  The days I ran were good run days, just because I could run, and I tell you it doesn’t feel like I ran even the short distance I ran this month.  15 days off running in a month makes this feel like I took an entire month off, and I don’t like that.



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